Ten Things Thankful

Considerings and a few other select bloggers have apparently been hosting, “Ten Things Thankful,” for quite some time, and I didn’t know about it.  Thanks to seeing Sheena’s post about it at NotAPunkRocker this morning, I am now well aware and plan to join in the happy, grateful madness, even if I have been a bit into doing list-y posts a lot lately.

Ten Things I Am Thankful for Today (as I sit here with a sniffling nose and a dog laying on my foot):

1) My Dad.  I started smoking again about a week ago, and I was terrified of his reaction.  He had been my biggest supporter and even went as far as to buy patches and lozenges for me.  I inadvertently told him over the phone last night and not much was said.

I called him today to possibly cancel our plans for tomorrow because I’m just feeling all stressed out and like I have no time at  home to get anything done.  He told me that he wanted me to know that he loves me just as much a smoker as a non-smoker.  He wanted me to know that he thought I had tried really, REALLY hard.  He also wanted me to know that, while he doesn’t like smoking, it’s just something I DO, not who I am.  I couldn’t have asked for more acceptance than that.

Thank you, Dad

Thank you, Dad


2) Minnow, my weekend bait-store buddy.  He is still in high school (senior year) and he came in the shop to help me on Friday because we were going to get slammed (good weather), and everyone else is frantically trying to get the garden store ready.  Minnow makes me smile, he is thoughtful and helpful and friendly.

He makes the time go by quicker and he is willing to do tasks that I do not like, such as bagging up crickets, and he knows everything there is to know about fishing…literally.  He and his girlfriend were in this morning and they were just too cute.  I wanted to tell her not to break his heart, or I would break her face, but I restrained myself.

These are golden shiners.  The rich man's minnow, what we sell in the store.  There are also fathead minnows, the poor man's minnow.  We sell those sometimes, too, but the golden shiners are preferred in this part of the state.  More than you ever wanted to know about minnows, I'm sure!

These are golden shiners, what we call minnows in the bait shop.  I think it’s a regional thing.  Best for catching crappie.


3) Figuring out (very slowly) how to post media into WP posts.  For the longest time, I just didn’t get it.  I was using the “old way” to insert files, and apparently all you  have to do is go to that add media wizard and take it from there.  Loving that.  Loving thinking about posting YouTube videos at the end of the post, that match the  post’s tone, like I used to.

4) Friends.  It has been forever and a day since I have had friends.  People in general scare me and I have such social anxiety that it makes face-to-face interaction terrifying.  I can chat all day long with the yahoo’s down at the bait shop, but get me into a situation with a person whose friendship I would like to have, and I go down in a ball of flames.  For some reason all of that goes away on the Internet and I have some amazing online friends.  I am thankful for the emails, the chats, the likes, the comments, the friendship.  I thank you, my friend.


5) Hair ties.  I have always worn my hair short, but it is getting long, long, long.  Well past my shoulders, which is longer than it’s been since high school.  And usually it’s pin straight.  Well, now that it’s long, it’s also extremely curly.  It does look nice worn down, but I usually have it up because it drives me crazy.

6) Followers.  I don’t like to call people that; I prefer “readers,” at the very least.  I’d like to say to my readers, “Hi!” because there are several new, and in related news, I just passed 800.  I’m not saying that to brag, I’m saying that because I am shocked that 800 people would want to read what I’m writing.  That, and I’m not sure all 800 of those are real…maybe that’s just me being paranoid.

This is exactly how I gained followers...bird seed.  :D

This is exactly how I gained followers…bird seed. 😀


7) My nephew and my sister.  I am going to see them on Monday and, although this a post about gratefulness from this past week, I am overjoyed and perhaps overly grateful yesterday, today, and (likely) tomorrow that I am getting to visit.

8) Any meal made by DSB.  He has cooked three times this week and, while I would rather cook, I do so ever appreciate it.  He even made me my favorite, chicken and rice soup, yesterday and I had yummy leftovers for lunch.

This is pretty much what it looked like, minus the huge pieces of carrot.  Must start using a camera!

This is pretty much what it looked like, minus the huge pieces of carrot. Must start using a camera!


9) Blog awards.  I have mixed feelings about blog awards.  Part of me feels like it’s bragging, part of me doesn’t want to try and figure out a description of me listed A-Z, and part of me just doesn’t know who to pass the award onto because there are sooooo many talented bloggers out there and I don’t want anyone’s feelings to be hurt.  I did a lot of thinking on that last night and this morning, and I’ve decided I’m going to accept two I received recently and one I received way back when (but declined…I’m un-declining…that’s ok, right?).  It’s going to take a bit to get it all together, but stay tuned.  And I’d love to hear your opinion on awards in the comments section (or in my email for that matter).



10) And last but not least, I am thankful for the following video, which I turn to when I feel in the midst of deep change.  And don’t hate on my gangsta rap; this song has real meaning.





27 thoughts on “Ten Things Thankful

  1. Welcome to the TToT, Rose! We have a very good time with this hop. Don’t be surprised to see entire conversations in your comments between other bloggers in the hop; it happens!

    Your list is fantastic! What a great daddy you have! And hair ties are an important item on the thankful list; you really know how thankful you are to have one when you DON’T.

    And doesn’t it make you proud to figure out how to do something technical all by yourself? I am the queen of doing things the hard way.


    • Thanks, Dyanne! I am loving TToT and am hoping to make it a regular thing. I love comments and am excited to have a few here already! Hair ties…HAVE TO HAVE. I actually get grumpy when my hair is down and I am hot and feeling yucky and don’t have one! Thanks so much for coming by to welcome me!


  2. Think it’s good to get acknowledged, but I guess subtlety is in order with these awards…..quite hard to react properly to them, so I empathize! Meanwhile, looks like you’ve had a great week.. Yee haw from the TTOT team!


    • Thanks, Michelle, and I appreciate the welcome from the TToT team! I hope to make this a regular deal…it was a fun post to write! I think I am going to work on the award posts here later today and just do my best. I probably shouldn’t be whining about being awarded something — I just find it a difficult process!


  3. My first visit to your blog – enjoyed your post – such a nice mix of thankful from your life – and a great way to “meet” you.

    I know very little about fishing – except for memories of doing it with my dad as a child. As for blog awards – I was on the fence for a while on them, but I like them. I figure it’s a good way to introduce your readers to blogs you are enjoying and so it helps bloggers you like find other bloggers you like – and is a good way to profile newer bloggers (ie: with the Liebster, for example).

    As for Tupac – I love that song, so no hate for gangsta rap from me. Brings me back to university. And I think, given when it was written, it does show that some things do change.


    • Louise — thanks for coming by! I’m glad you decided to visit! I work in a bait store, yes, but don’t know as much about fishing as you think I would think I would…I mean, I know it in technical terms, but to put it into action is not my forte.

      I am going to work on the awards posts later today. I probably shouldn’t be whining that I received an award — I just find it difficult to formulate a post with it and don’t want to sound braggy. I like looking at it the way you do, though — as a way for blogs I like to find other blogs I like. Nice point!
      And yes, I love Tupac. 😀


      • I think my two main struggles with awards posts is I find them 1) Time consuming to do and 2) I struggle with who to give awards to because there are only so many blogs I follow so once I did my awards post and then got two subsequent awards, I was stuck on who to award to without repeating. Hence I’m waiting a while until I do another acceptance post. That said – it’s probably time to get going on my next one as it’s been sitting for a little while…. I also figure even if people don’t “accept” your award, they still like the shout out – so the effort is appreciated either way.


    • I agree, Louise. The posts ARE time consuming and then there’s the question of who to nominate. I was going to work on them today, but it blown out the window, so I’m taking your perspective that it can wait and settle for a little bit. 😀


  4. Welcome to the TToT – you are our second ‘third generation’ TToTer this week, and I’m so psyched to welcome you in 😀 Pleased to meet you, and I think I might immediately LOVE your Dad. What a sweet guy to say that to you, and to be so supportive and understanding of you. That’s HUGE 😀 I hope you tell him how good he made/makes you feel by doing that. You’re very lucky to have such a good Dad 🙂

    Working in a bait shop sounds like the kind of place you’d meet very interesting people. And some fascinating tales, as well 😀 Glad you have a co-worker you get along with so well. That always helps the day go by nicely.

    And congrats on your awards. I tend to be a bit needy enjoy the attention, so when someone thinks to nominate me, I’m pretty sure I’ve always accepted. But I don’t have as many followers/readers as you 🙂


    • Thanks, Considerer! I am very happy to have done TToT, and have found the welcome astounding…you guys are very well organized and are great cheerleaders!

      Yes, Dad is easy to love. He really is just like that.

      Yay for awards…I am thinking of them in a different light now that I’ve had a few other points of view on it. I’m going to work on the posts for the awards later today, so wish me luck!


      • One of the things I love most about it is the community feel, and the very eager way most of the participants jump into each others’ posts and start conversations and embrace new people. I consider myself to have fallen on my feet, amidst a group of really wonderful bloggers, many of whom I now call my friends. It’s that kind of group 😀

        I’m glad you’re thinking of the awards in a different light, though I can appreciate that the feedback can help with the thought process. All the best with accepting. That’s my next task, today, as well. I’m excited about it 😀


    • There really is a community feel. I can’t believe all the comments! The acceptance posts didn’t get written today, but maybe tomorrow. I hope you get yours done! 😀


  5. Welcome to the TToT! It’s so fun when someone new joins in!
    I’m thinking a bait shop could be a fun place to work. Lots of happy people heading out for a relaxing day of fishing. (We call them minnows, too.)
    Your dad sounds marvelous.
    I always have mixed emotions when it comes to awards. I am so flattered and grateful for them, but they are quite a bit of work to accept. It is a good way to introduce blogs I’ve recently found and enjoy,though. Plus, I do like reading other people’s “random facts”. I imagine lots of other people do, too.
    Hope to see you at the hop again!


    • hey Christine! she called me one of a ‘few select bloggers’! Maybe you and Lizzi and Dyanne could arrange for a little award or medal or maybe a tasteful-done medal? nothing ostentatious…royal blue ribbons on a purple field.

      (lol, Rose…don’t mind my kidding… we do actually like to jump into each others comment threads… usually though we let people join us on a couple weekends first, but you have a very welcoming and comfortable blog going here, so I figured, what the heck)


  6. Welcome to the TToT!
    I have not ever been referred to as ‘select’ but I like the sounds of that…
    this bloghop is a very amazing place (in the ‘sphere) as the people, while being skillful bloggers and blogerini are also a pretty funny bunch. and there is a lot of that ‘conversation’ that goes on in the comments (to each other’s posts), as I will demonstrate by jumping into Christine’s Comment thread.
    we do manage to have fun


  7. Rose, so very nice to have you here. Welcome!
    Let me start by saying that your Dad sounds like an absolute gem. He made his point perfectly. You’re a lucky girl.
    I love how you talk about Minnow and that you feel so protective of him, I nearly fell off the chair when you said if the girlfriend broke his heart, you would break her face…lol!
    As a fellow long haired person, I totally feel your gratitude for a hair tie. I wear one or two on my wrist all the time next to my watch so I always have one. It’s frustrating when I forget.
    I think you should definitely un-decline the awards. Someone felt you deserved it so accept it. The nice part is you get to pass it on to others you think deserve it, pay it forward. It’s also a great way for us to get to know you better!
    So glad you found your way here and please, keep coming back. We’re a pretty fun group!


    • Thanks, Sandy! I feel really good about this TToT project…the commenting is all so fun! And I am un-declining the awards, even if Bradley says I can’t (which I doubt he will). Thank you so much for stopping by today!


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