Just A Little Post

It has been a hard past seven days.  I hurt my back and life has consisted of laying around and reading or sitting and watching all of the Downton Abbey series.  I’ve now worked onto catching up on The Good Wife, even though I almost read a blog post that held the spoiler for the big event two episodes back.

I have not been able to go to work or keep up my household duties, but we are surviving somehow.  DSB actually went to the grocery store yesterday, which is nothing short of a miracle.  To make it even more of a miracle, he bought items which are needed for meals.  Only a little bit of trash made it into his basket.  I was very impressed.

I can feel my mood dipping and irritability encroaching.  I’m ready to feel better and get on with some household chores that really can’t be kept waiting much longer.  My floors are a total mess and my bathrooms are, too.  I keep hoping that DSB is going to whip out the mop and the toilet bowl cleanser, but those are silly hopes because we know that just isn’t going to happen.

Although I have been down physically (and somewhat mentally), I have still been planning and making meals, cleaning the kitchen, and keeping up on light tasks.  Some things can’t be left undone, like a dirty kitchen or a hungry crew.  Sometimes you have to just suck it up and do it anyway, and then lie for hours on a hot pad.

I have been itching to blog, and yes, I’ve had the time.  What I haven’t had is the most positive outlook.  I posted three times today, but set all as private because they were just rants that didn’t deserve to see the light of day.  It did make me feel better to write them, however.

I’m feeling pretty sad that I missed “Ten Things of Thankful” this week.  I thought about doing it today, but the linkup is closed.  That’s ok.  I’m not feeling super thankful right now anyway.

I went back to the doctor today and he prescribed a high but temporary dose of Celebrex and a physical therapy referral.  Is it sad that I’m looking forward to physical therapy?  I just want to be able to MOVE again.  Sure, I can move a little now, but I want to move A LOT.

I have this grandiose idea that physical therapy will whip me into such shape that I’ll be motivated to take on bigger and bigger projects (and complete some small ones).  Physical therapy, however, does not equal out to bigger motivation.  I don’t think, anyway.

I am going to try and go back to work tomorrow, having been off all last week.  I felt guilty about not being there, but I don’t think I would have been much help to anyone.  I hear my mom’s voice on the other end of the phone and it sounds like they are wearing themselves ragged down there (which, of course, they are) and I can’t help but feel poorly that I’m not down there helping.

Seems the season is getting into full swing and we’ll likely be busy more days than not.  Fortunately, my parents have hired back some old employees, and while I probably won’t get to hang out with Minnow much, I will be working pretty consistently with one other guy.  I don’t know said guy well enough to give him a nickname (yet), but I hope we get along and he isn’t annoying or a pain in the ass.  And that he doesn’t find me either of those, either.

The f0llowing is my and Sam’s favorite song of the moment.  Do enjoy and think about catfish dinners and how romantic they are.  We might be rednecks.  😀

11 thoughts on “Just A Little Post

  1. I’m sorry you have had a hard time of it recently. I know it doesn’t help but the floors will still be there tomorrow or the next day, so try to let go of what you can.

    ((hugs)) to you, and you know where to find me if you need to rant or whatever.


    • I have been working at letting those thoughts about my floors go. It’s not really happening for me and I’m probably going to just suck it up and do something about it tomorrow. I worked today for the first time in seven days and it wasn’t terrible, so maybe I’m getting better.



  2. Feeling out of sorts for any reason sucks. I hope physical therapy helps, but try to have realistic expectations about it. (which is hard as hell)

    And I’m really glad I read this tonight. You mentioning about cooking made me remember I needed to take ground beef out for Sloppy Joes for tomorrow night’s dinner. Thanks! 😀


  3. Of course yer a redneck. Your problem with that? 😀

    Ya might just be a redneck if ya sell rabbits outta yer car trunk.
    Ya might just be a redneck if you know the difference between dog poop and cowflops on yer shoes.
    Ya might just be a redneck if yer momma starts callin’ everyone she knows, because a local hospital has her on speed dial. (no one we know, BTW)

    And frankly, we are not wearing ourselves ragged…. we’re havin’ the time of our lives. 😉 ..XOXO


  4. so sorry for everything you’ve been through, Rose. Hang in there! When things pile up so high that my mood takes a dive, I find that counting my blessings – even the tiny things – helps give me a lift. Good luck with the PT.


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