Ten Things of Thankful, Fourth Edition

It’s the end of another week, and it’s time to link up with Liz at Considerings, among others, and shout-out what has made you thankful this week.  This link-up is one of my favorites, because it usually makes me feel like I just gave myself a really big hug.



1) I am thankful for Easter.  For the chocolate, the jelly beans, the scrape-it-together dinner DSB and I are having.  I’m thankful I’ll get to see my mom for a couple hours and I’m thankful I had a nice chat with my dad this morning.  I’m thankful for the Easter pictures of my nephew and I am thankful that DSB is home for the holiday.  Yay for Easter!



2)  I am thankful for my Crock-Pot.  So many a harried evening has been saved by the Crock-Pot.  Feeling a little lazy?  Throw something in the Crock-Pot.  Going to have a crazy day?  Throw something in the Crock-Pot.  Chicken that thawed three days ago and needs to be cooked?  Throw it in the Crock-Pot.  Tonight’s Easter dinner is featuring frozen chicken quarters cooked in the (yes) Crock-Pot, which will then be shredded and sauteed with a BBQ sauce and Italian dressing mixture.  Quite tasty.  And convenient!

This is the exact crock-pot I have, color and all.  I also have a slightly smaller, rounder black one.

This is the exact crock-pot I have, color and all. I also have a slightly smaller, rounder black one.


3)  I am thankful for my Nalgene.  I may have posted that on TToT before, but it has been a huge money and thirst-saver for me.  I have always drank a lot of water, but I would also frequently indulge in Sonic drinks, or Taco Bell Happy Hour slushes, you get the point.  That money added up, and I was still always left feeling thirsty.  I now  have a Nalgene (that my mom bought the special cap for…woot woot, Mom!) and I love it.  It is a 48 oz and I drink three or four, sometimes five of these a day.  I love water, as long as it has ice!

Mine is that color blue, but much larger, and with a drink-easy cap.

Mine is that color blue, but much larger, and with a drink-easy cap.


4)  I am thankful for Mom helping me get some summer clothes.  I like to be able to show up to work and look clean and put-together and (at least somewhat) cute.  She makes that happen every year, and just this past week she picked me up a few things that were very cute (and fit!).  I appreciate her doing this so much — I am not a good clothes shopper!


5) Related to number four, I am thankful that I realized yesterday, while at work, that I really AM kinda cute.  I’m a big girl, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be attractive.  I had one of my new outfits on, and I caught a glimpse of my reflection, and was like, really?  That’s not so bad!  Actually half-decent!  I just hope I can hold onto that thought/feeling for awhile.

images (1)


6) I am thankful that I deleted the first TToT I wrote today.  I was tired, I wasn’t in a good place, and I was forcing it.  Now I feel the words flowing, am finding great pictures, and feel like this is more “me.”  I almost decided not to do TToT today, because of that first go-round.  Now I’m glad I did.  Here’s to not giving up on yourself.  Hear, hear!

something good every day


7)  I am thankful for Mom helping me get the house cleaned up before DSB came home.  She is such a trooper and a great motivator.  I wish I had 1/2 her energy and stamina.  She is in the latter part of her fifties and can outwork most 20ish men.  I know that because I see it happen on a daily basis in the store.  She is very generous with her time in helping me, and in giving me a kick in the ass when I really need to get something done.  Love you, Madre!  xoxo



8)  I am thankful I am sleeping again, but wonder how much longer until I will be caught up.  I am thankful for the sleepiness and the resting, because missing a week’s sleep could have swung the other direction.  Am I actually having a normal reaction to not getting enough sleep?  Oh my!



9)  I am thankful for Dollar General, where it seems you can always find that one ingredient you were  missing, without having to go to the actual grocery store.  Also, the milk is always fresh!



10)  I am thankful last, but not least, to the amazing people who read this blog, comment, like, even those who don’t comment and don’t like.  I know you’re out there.  Within the next three or four days, I should hit 1,000 follows.  Never imagined I’d make it that far!

images (2)




Now hurry up, get your TToT done, and link-up over at Considerings!

12 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful, Fourth Edition

  1. You are my soul sister when it comes to ice water! Sometimes, when I am feeling extravagant, I will buy a bag of Sonic ice cubes to use at home 🙂

    I am glad you are happy with this list and you have come to the realizations you have.

    Dollar General is where I get all my cool sunglasses, since I am always misplacing them 😀


    • Yes, rocking that Sonic ice. The only thing I don’t like about is that when it gets clumpy, and I hit it with my trusty ice hammer (that I keep on top of my fridge, ok, I’m country like that I guess), it shatters into crystals. If I were going to buy a drink, it would be Sonic (or Taco Bell $1 happy hour slushie). If I am going to buy ice, I like the Crystal Mountain that Dollar General sells, and I often like the ice straight out of the ice cooler at my parents’ shop. It’s free that way. 😀

      Yes, I am happy with this list after the revisions. I was just having a hell of a time the first time and it was like, wait, I cannot publish this and be the laughingstock of WP. It was that bad.

      Dollar General is my thing. It’s considered kinda lower-class here, but they have great deals on lots of things, including cough medicine and pain relievers and stuff like that. And it’s an easy place to pick up some chicken broth or rice or frozen pizza. Ok, I shop there a lot. LOATHE going to the grocery store. That’s a post in and of itself. 😀


  2. I had a crock pot on my list this week, too! I need to find some new recipes for it, as I only use it for a few things.
    I had to laugh when you mentioned the Dollar General. We went on a “take only backroads” vacation a couple weeks ago, and we were surprised to see a Dollar General in every single town we went through. Many didn’t have a fast food place, but the Dollar General was always there.
    THAT is a lot of water.
    I am so glad you took the time to rewrite your list. It was lovely.


    • Ahhh just google “crock pot recipes” and then tag it with whatever meat or main ingredient you want to use. I haven’t made it yet, but a friend of mine makes rice pudding in her crock-pot and it is supposedly to die for.

      Yes, Dollar General’s are becoming a staple, especially here throughout the Midwest. Don’t knock it till ya try it!

      And yes, that’s a lot of water. But when I don’t drink that much I’m all grumpy and I don’t feel good. Part of me thinks I’m washing some of the crazies out of my head along with it. 😀

      The re-write was necessary, the first having been downright embarrassing. Thank you so much for reading!! 😀


    • Thanks, Cynthia! Happy Easter to you! I wish I could say I’m eating through my stockpile of Easter Candy, but I didn’t even buy any (other than jelly beans and gummy worms)!


  3. Well thank YOU for writing a blog that keeps us all coming back!

    Mums are great. You’re lucky yours is so close to hand – I live abroad so I only get to see my family a few times a year. I’m looking to move home soon though.


    • You are too sweet Sherbet. But thank you! 😀

      Yes, she is close at hand, and it’s a real blessing to me. If that’s what you want, I hope the moving home thing goes through!!


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