Defiant Medication Non-Compliance

Yep, that’s me.  As I’ve learned over the course of the last several hours, DSB DOES think that Ritalin helps me.  I’m not so sure.  I’ve been on and off it for awhile now.  Doing really good taking a dose here and there, but nothing consistent.  Turns out that Ritalin is one of those things (aren’t most psych drugs, other than benzos?) that has to be taken regularly to feel the effects.

I don’t have ADD or ADHD.  I’m taking Ritalin for depression.  Supposedly it helps calm my brain, smooth the frayed edges, help me focus, and give me a little energizing boost.  I don’t know that it does all that, but I’ve been lectured into the ground.  We have fought, I tried to make up, we fought some more, back and forth,  until I realized I wasn’t gonna win this one.

DSB is convinced that not taking Ritalin is why I’m not sleeping.  I argue that it’s stress.  Maybe it’s both?  All I know is that I’m past the point of exhaustion, and I’m willing to try anything.  I’m going to go back to my old sleeping med, because, while Sonata knocks me out, it keeps me asleep for roughly three hours.

Three hours isn’t enough.  So, we’re back to the good ol’ Zyprexa Zydis, or olanzapine ODT, for those who aren’t familiar with the brand name.  DSB says that I didn’t give the olanzapine a chance — that I had a few night’s rough sleep and decided it wasn’t working.  He’s probably right.  So I took one, and we’ll see.  I’ll report back in the morning.

Right now I feel like crap.  Not sleeping, too much stress, not enough down-time.  It’s not getting any better in the foreseeable future, so I really need to man-up.  Or “buck up” as the Big Dawg would say.

I used to listen to this song every night before I went to bed, waaaaay back in the day.  I’m gonna give it another little try tonight.  Maybe you should, too!


17 thoughts on “Defiant Medication Non-Compliance

  1. I’m with the Ritalin diatribe for now. Ummmm. not sure it’s for the same purpose as usually prescribed… and doubtful, know it, it ain’t for depression in this venue. Focus, woman. Not sure I understand the path you’ve taken with it. I’m with DSB.

    The sleep part… I will pass on comment.


  2. Sleep is such a rough thing for folks like us. I did Zyprexa for awhile, can’t clearly remember why I had to stop. But hell, I’ve taken tons of stuff to try to sleep. Saphris, Seroquel, Zyprexa, Geodon, Ambien… I know I’m forgetting stuff. These days it’s Depakote, Gabapentin, Melatonin, AND Benadryl – 10 pills total, every night.

    Remember the Golden Rule of psych meds – take the med like the doc says and then be patient, give it some time to work.

    Hang in there. *HUGS*


    • Well, I actually slept last night, so there’s a positive. Relief from the stress, from the Ritalin schedule, not so much. I have agreed (as I may have mentioned) to keep taking. I just don’t like it on so many levels.


  3. Ritalin is also used for narcolepsy, for which I’d been taking it so I won’t fall asleep while driving (I did that once and it wasn’t pretty) or at some other inappropriate time. I don’t know if I’ll be able to take it anymore, though.

    I did find I couldn’t take it every day. If I did, it stopped having much effect so I had to take it a few days on, then one or two off. And I had to take it early enough in the day to wear off by bedtime. Of course, I don’t sleep much anyhow.

    Drugs. Truly, can’t live with’em, can’t live without’em.


  4. Not wanting to get my head bitten off and am being in no way judgmental but I would like to point out one thing. If you had a heart condition,diabetes or epilepsy would you muck about with your medication or take it as a matter of course? There are mental health problems that are psychological but there are those such as clinical depression, anxiety, schizophrenia etc that are biological in nature and taking medication for those conditions is no different than taking it for high blood pressure. Sure just as with any condition there is a trial and error period to find what works best but taking medication doesn’t make you weak or less worthy – do you look down on those who take things for other medical conditions – I doubt it.

    This isn’t coming from someone who has no experience in it – my husband takes 3 types every day of his life and still has issues from time to time but as a rule he can live his life, study, work and enjoy his free time and the same with me as I take medication for anxiety as well as for another medical condition regarding my folic acids. Not being consistent only means time wasted getting back to an even mood once the crash comes and don’t fool yourself – IT WILL and the work to come back takes time from your life that you didn’t need to waste.


  5. Have you ever seen a psychologist about your anxiety? These are usually deep seeded problems that take time to work out. One thing that I like to do when going to sleep is to have a sleep ritual and of course to always cut out all caffeine very early. Once I lay down I think about something mindless and enjoyable like playing tennis or whatever it is that is your equivalent.


    • Thomas, please feel free to browse around…I see you are now following, and thank you for that! I do see a therapist for my anxiety, as well as employ DBT tactics, similar to what you suggested. I also take medication. I’m doing everything I can to battle that anxiety — some days it’s just harder work than others!


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