Kizzie Tells it Like it Is

It's a dog's life

It’s a dog’s life


1) I am a dog and am not qualified to do this shit.

2) Mom spent the last three days at work, plus doing a bunch of other stuff, and she seems tired.  I think she’s even snoring a little.

3) TToT will have to wait until tomorrow, because, like I said, the woman is dead on her feet.

4) Mom did manage to get one months full of medi-sets put together, so there’s a good chance she won’t mess up and double-dose herself, or skip them.  That’s good for all of us creatures in the house, Daddy included.

5) Daddy plans to put the pool up tomorrow, but Mom doesn’t know.  It’s supposed to be a surprise!

6) Back to normally scheduled broadcasting manana.  xoxo  The Kizz


4 thoughts on “Kizzie Tells it Like it Is

    • Oh I KNOW! I had forgotten that Kizzie really likes to post and did so a long time ago quite frequently when I first started this blog. She’ll definitely be coming back as a guest blogger, many times. 😀


    • Thanks Mama! Kizzie likes to post every now and then. I had forgotten that, but she’ll likely be a regular guest-feature. Yes, medi-sets are the shit and I feel like the world might just spin correctly on it’s axis whenever my full months is completely set up.


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