Kizz, The Mind Reader

Daily Prompt:  Who is the last person you saw before reading this prompt?  What is that person thinking right now?

Well, obviously, the last person I saw before she made me listen to her read this prompt aloud was, ahhh, Mommy!


Because I am the best puppy mind-reader on the planet, I can tell you the top five things running through her head right now:

1) ‘Gah, Goddess of Mindfulness says I have to shower EVERY day.  How the hell am I going to manage that?’

2) ‘Ok then, unfollow you — never responding to comments is so RUDE!  And, you’re boring.  And you write three sentence posts fifteen times a day.  Goodbye!’

3) ‘I’m so glad I didn’t stop and get a salted caramel shake after dinner at Mom’s — I AM going to do this healthy eating thing, even if it kills me.  I’m so tired of being that fat girl!”

4) ‘I wonder if I should text my sister and tell her I’m coming next Thursday to spend the day with Oscar.  It might be better as a surprise, especially since she gets so nervous over other people taking care of him.  I wish I was trusted and had the know-how and could just go spend the day with him by myself.’

5) ‘I need to get done with all of the computer stuff soon so I can go read my new book.  Starting at the first of the “Jack Reacher” series, with so many to go.  I hope the action starts picking up soon.’

6) ‘Poor Kizzie.  I’m not home enough and I don’t hand out treats often enough.  I should let her lick my plate when I am done.  She’s such a great and talented puppy, she deserves it!’

Okay, folks, that’s what Momma’s thinking right now.  The top five, anyway.  Her brain sure is a mess sometimes, wading through all sorts of thoughts.  And number six, well, that may be my own doing.  Think she’ll go for it?

4 thoughts on “Kizz, The Mind Reader

    • Thanks! That’s what I was going for! I am getting help from another blogger and my stepmom to get some more pics so I can “randomize” the header. Pretty excited about it…this is the first time I have found a theme in a long time that I’ve been able to get excited about.


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