Building Rome, Week 23: Gettin’ Ready to Get Ready

I have severe procrastination problems.  Always have.  Even back in grade school, I’d wait until the last minute to read a book or start a project.  It has grown and ballooned and blown up into Earth-sized proportions as I have become a 30-something.  I can’t seem to stop it or usurp it or tackle it or otherwise combat it.  It is oppressive and the fallout is always unpleasant, and sometimes painful.


Green Embers apparently started a goal-setting-and-achieving challenge called “Building Rome,” some 23 weeks ago, but ya know, I’m always the last to know.  I’ve been advised that it’s quite all right to jump in midway.  As far as I can tell, there is a general given “theme” for the week in which you set a few related goals and then report back on goals from the week previous.

I’m all about setting goals right now, and so thought this would be something to keep me accountable for the things I have been trying to do.  As you may remember, Goddess of Mindfulness and I set four things that I WILL do each and every day so I will also be reporting on these every week.

This week’s theme is “Reaching Out” and I love the quote that tops Green Ember’s post:

“Ask for help when you need it. Even from your parents. There is no shame in needing help.”
– Unknown

Amen to that!  And even though you really do know that, you might not feel it deep down inside.  To reach out this week, I am going to:

1)  Send a handwritten card to my sister and step-sister letting them know how much they mean to me.

handwritten card


2)  Perf0rm one random act of kindness for a stranger each day.  A smile, holding the door open, helping someone carry something, advising where something is located in the grocery store.  Small things, important things.

random kindness


3)  Talk with Goddess of Mindfulness about this constant cycling and what we can do about it, other than following the “crisis” medication regime.  Also talk with her about the mental  health center’s lack of follow-through with my needed medication requests.  Ask for her help in communicating with them.



Those are about all of the goals I want to set for this week, as I am working hard at the main four:


1)  Take medications exactly as prescribed.  I have struggled this week.  Once I took my 9:00’s at 11:00 and I did forget one morning until about 3:00pm.  I’m back off Ritalin until further notice (aggravates mixed state) and I sure will be happy to be back on it.

images (2)


2)  Take care of Kizzie’s needs.  This went better than the medication stuff did.  She only ran totally out of water once, and I don’t think it was for long.  We had lots of play time and treats.  I have the stuff for her heartworm and flea/tick for next month.  She is a happy puppy, I think, too, because we have been spending more time outside.

Kizz as a pup

3)  Take care of  personal hygiene daily.  I definitely did a great job at this until about Thursday.  I don’t know what my problem was, but before that I’d been showering daily and putting on lotion and Friday just kind of went to hell.  That was about when I started cycling again and I have a lot of problems with negative thoughts, so I think that was part of it.  I’ll just need to get back on top of it.  My week restarts on Sunday, so I’m already a day behind, but that doesn’t mean I need to let the rest of my week go to hell.



4) Eat healthfully and mindfully.  Ahhhh I don’t even want to talk about this.  I did eat healthfully some, definitely not very mindfully.  I really must to better this week and need to get to the grocery store so I have good options available.

images (3)

26 thoughts on “Building Rome, Week 23: Gettin’ Ready to Get Ready

  1. In my dotage I’ve turned procrastination into an art form. If I wait long enough, sometimes problems solve themselves … or no longer matter and don’t need solving at all. I’m good with that. Good luck and try to fit some fun in there somewhere!


    • I love that approach, Marilyn, but some of my problems just really don’t solve themselves. Like dust-bunnies…or grass seed that must be watered…or cooking dinner. It’s just me here! And I am having plenty of fun…no worries about that. 😀


  2. Great goals! Oh, I uh didn’t explain this very well but the number is actually what week in the year it is, not how many there have been and it’s meant to hop in whenever you can, so you’re not late in anyway, you’re right on time. 😀


    • Thanks, Green! I’m glad to hear I’m not jumping in mid-ship, then, even if I technically kind of am. At least it’s a welcoming jump. 😀

      Love that you’re doing this challenge. We all need goals!


  3. Sounds like you have a lot to think about with all that lot! Good luck!

    I’m a terrible procrastinator…or do I mean a good procrastinator? I procrastinate a lot anyway! I always leave things till right before the deadline to get them done, it’s so annoying!


    • Thanks, Vanessa. I am indeed in need of luck.

      I think, given what you said, that you’re a FANTASTIC procrastinator. It’s a trait that annoys the hell out of me, too. I’m not sure I’ll ever change, but I’m gonna try!


  4. If you were already able to complete all of your goals with no problems and no ‘gone-to-hell’ days, then it might be happifying, but they would be the wrong goals to aim for… you’d need to choose new ones…

    I’m ever so proud of you for how well you’re doing 🙂

    (Greetings from DB – he asked who I was writing to, and said to send greetings)


  5. Great list, Rose. Being a chronic procrastinator myself, I know that even though they are doable, they can also feel insurmountable. I’m in your cheering section.


  6. Personally, I am a darned good procrastinator. And have taken it into an art form not well-recognized.

    Am most usually put off goal by creating too many tasks on the ta-do list. Then, when all does not come to fruition, I can blame it on me… instead of Superman. Thus, I am a procrastinator. “Hi, my name is QoD, and I’m a procrastinator.” {{{applause from the crowd}}}

    Well, there isn’t a crowd applauding. There’s just a too long list, and one can bash oneself for not accomplishing, or recognize an issue. 😉

    Everyone is not the Energizer Bunny. Everyone is not a three-toed sloth. Therein lies a median, a “normal” if you will. Like the basic one on the washing machine. Stinkin’ hate that word “normal.”

    Bottom line… there’s a fine line to be walked between acceptable and unacceptable for society’s norm. Falling somewhere in the middle is pretty proven ground… even if one walks the line toward not-the-middle. What matters, most, is not falling off the line. 😉 …XOXO


    • Green Embers is hosting. The details for this week are here:

      It is a weekly thing and most people post on Mondays. You basically set small goals for yourself, some related to the prompt and some not. Then the next week, you report your progress and set new goals based around the prompt. It’s super-fun and a great way to build community.

      So, set your goals and then link-up to Green Embers at the web address I mentioned, and you’re golden! Hope to see you around!


  7. Niiiiiiice job on writing goals! Dude. Nailed it.

    Also, #3 has been a challenge for me as well. I couldn’t figure it out but I finally did. Blogging about that one soon.

    Again, wonderful job!



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