Collection of Thoughts, Tobacco-Free Edition

collection of thoughts

1) Started my first month’s free subscription to  Netflix today.  I don’t have cable and I like movies.  There are a lot of movies I would like to have seen, but DSB was not interested in much what I was.  Netflix also has back-episodes of shows I have always wanted to see (that again, DSB did not).  I am pleased to report that it is streaming well on my POS computer, so was pleasantly surprised, there.  I might keep it, might not.  I have a month to decide, so there’s the beauty!



2) Day One of smoking cessation has me on my ass.  I remembered it as being easier, but I have been quite grumpy today and just very uncomfortable in my own skin.  I didn’t do anything wrong or bitch anyone out, but the Big Dawg let me leave 90 minutes early today.  I think he was worried that I WOULD end up bitching someone out.  Or he just felt sorry for me.  Either way, I was glad to come home to a nice air-conditioned house.  That reeks of smoke.  I’ll get it out, one way or another.  May I just say, though, that nicotine lozenges TOGETHER with the patch makes all the difference.  I remembered that from last time, so I made sure I had both.  ALL THE DIFFERENCE.



3) I think it is possible that my dad and I have gone from not communicating to over-communicating.  Ya know, there’s some things I don’t need to know, things that just make me feel bad.  I know he’s trying to be helpful, but it’s not.  I haven’t told him yet, still might not.   Undecided.



4)  I always feel a little bit bad when I do it, but I unsubscribe emails from bloggers who do not answer comments.  As in, EVER.  I’m not unf0llowing.  There is a slight chance in hell I might come across them in Reader.  I just feel like, if someone leaves you a comment, then you should probably respond.  Even just a “thanks” will do it.  What do you think about this issue?  Leave it in the comments, I’d really like to know.  (and I’m not talking about being tardy with comments — I’m saying NEVER responding)

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5) And my brain power is pretty much gone.  I am eating salmon and lima beans for dinner (my most favorite dinner ever) to treat myself to a day gone without smoking, so there’s some brain food.  Here’s hoping you are having a stress-free day full of Cheezits, the third  most perfect food (below salmon and lima beans, of course).

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30 thoughts on “Collection of Thoughts, Tobacco-Free Edition

  1. I wrote a post one time where I didn’t know how to respond to the comments. Nothing bad was said, but the subject was difficult and personal, so saying “thanks” felt weird even with the positive responses. I think some blogs get too many comments, which I get, but then don’t spam me trying to promote your site. I am here for interactions, support and friends; not to be popular or a friend collector.

    Cheeze-its…I am going to have to go buy some now, aren’t I?

    Day one quitting anything is cranky, but you know what works and have a plan 🙂 Good going for a great start!


    • You do have to buy Cheez-its now. In fact, you have to buy me some while you’re at it because I’m too lazy to get in my car and go. Hey! Let’s send Matthew! 😀

      Thanks for the no-smoking support. Rougher than I remembered. :/


  2. I love Netflix. I don’t have a TV, so I use Netflix as my main source of distraction most of the time. (I just binge-watched season 2 of Orange Is the New Black in two days because I have no life and several sleep disorders.)

    As far as comments…I don’t always answer them, only if I feel I have something substantive to say in response. But that’s just my style.


    • I am starting to love Netflix too, but now my computer won’t cooperate. It’s ancient and basically duct taped together. Gah! And I have a TV, but it only gets the main networks (ABC, NBC, etc) and PBS on a digital antennae. Let’s just say I’d really like some Netflix, please!

      But you do answer them sometimes, Hope, and that’s what counts. If you never ever did, that would be a different story.


  3. I love Netflix, most nights we watch an episode of something on the laptop in bed. I have twice in my life given up smoking and it’s tough, so I sympathise, but live for that magical day when you realise you’re over the worst of it and can officially call yourself a non-smoker 🙂 Also, totally agree about comments, I find it really rude when people don’t reply to comments, it’s like you’ve spoken to someone and they’ve just ignored you. Like you say, it doesn’t have to be an instant reply, but a reply at some point is nice! I stop commenting on blogs where I don’t get a reply.


    • I am starting to love Netflix. My computer is not cooperating well at the moment, so I’m doing a little troubleshooting, but I’m sure I’ll get everything figured out. Watched the first episode of “Orange Is the New Black” and can see now what everyone was raving about.

      You’re right! It IS like you’ve spoken to someone and they ignore you. Maybe that’s why it makes me so mad!

      I’m hoping is the last quit I will ever have to make, but I’m realistic, too. I’m only on day one, and it’s almost over. We’ll see! Thank you for your support!


  4. Agree on the comment thing – when it becomes obvious to me that the person never responds to comments, I stop making them. If the blog has consistently good quality stuff, I’ll keep following and reading but I don’t waste my time leaving a message. For me, blogging is a two-way street. There you have it. Best wishes on a challenging task. I’m thinking of Boramere in Lord of the Rings. “If the thing must be done, Gondor will see it done.” Such confidence. Even if you aren’t a Tolkien buff, I’m sending you the resolve of Gondor to get the job done.


    • I agree — blogging is a two way street, for sure!

      I’m not a Tolkien buff, but I know enough to know, that you are sending great resolve my way. Many thanks! I’m needing it!


  5. Yay for staying strong! That meal sounds pretty good.

    If your dad is saying anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, tell him. I’ve found that I can say some pretty stupid things not realizing it, and when I do… I kind of wish someone would have called me out on it. (Usually they do but sometimes they don’t and when I figure it out later it is sometimes too late).


    • Thanks, GE! Yes, it was a delicious meal. You just can’t beat salmon and lima beans. I’m not sure how that came to be one of my favorite meals, exactly, but it is my go-to comfort food.

      I know I should say something to Dad, and I actually ended up just writing him an email. He has already called and apologized and the whole nine yards.


    • We ALL probably need to do more of it. It’s not built into our culture, for some reason. I would enjoy Netflix more if I could get my computer to cooperate. Now that DSB is gone, I don’t have anyone in my life that can troubleshoot computer issues!


    • Thanks, Cate. Day One was a real humdinger! And it’s ok not to care. I didn’t care for years, and then suddenly I did. You’ll get there when you’re ready. Don’t let anyone talk you into it — it doesn’t work that way — YOU have to be ready and willing and able!


        • It really is bloody hard. I’m kinda tearing my hair out a little bit. Don’t tell anyone, but I even went looking for a half-smoked butt in a ashtray that had been left behind. Gah! I threw every little smoking thing away, after that!


  6. I try to always answer comments. I think if someone took the time my inane mind-vomit and then comment the least I can do is respond. I like interacting in the comments just as much as I do writing my posts. I’ve made a lot of friends in comment sections of multiple blogs.


  7. Nice post. I have never heard of nicotine lozenges until tonight, lol. I stopped smoking eight days ago. I guess you are about two weeks along by now. I hope you are feeling well.


    • Thanks Timiarah! I started smoking again after my latest mental health crash, but fully intend to quit again once things level out. I hope you are doing well with it! And DO pick up some nicotine lozenges — they are truly lifesavers. I advise to make sure you buy the mint and the Nicorette ones really are better than off-brand and it’s just a few dollars difference.


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