Building Rome, Do or Die

It’s my third week of Building Rome, and, even though I’m a little behind my Monday original start date, I have good excuses.  Green Embers  puts together this little blog-fest, where we chose goals one week, and then the next week report on those goals and set some more goals.  This week’s theme is “Imagination, No Passport Required.”  I have a real lack of imagination at the moment, and the rules of the blog-fest are flexible, so my rules are going to be able taking care of me.  Being kind to Rosa.

Last Week’s Goals

1) Take Kizzie for a walk at least three times for at least 15 minutes this week.  Needless to say, this didn’t happen.  I was in a really bad  place last week and walking the Kizz was the furthest thing from my mind.  Maybe next week!

2) Set aside time each morning to read in the devotional book that my mom’s best friend, Glo gave me.  Nope, this didn’t happen either.  I have a really hard time reading or concentrating on anything in that state.

3) Continue to not smoke.  I decided (and my pdoc and treatment team at the hospital agreed) that I need to be in a better place to do this, and that trying to do this mid-cycle and with a hospitalization stuck in the midst was not a good time.  It will still be a long-term goal.

Four Things of Always

1) Take meds as prescribed.  Check!

2) Take care of Kizzie’s needs.  Check!  (alth0ugh Grandma t0ok care of and spoiled little Kizzers all week while I was in the hospital.

3) Take care of personal hygiene daily.  I am pleased to report that I have finally taken a shower every single day of the week, including when I was in the hospital.  I actually look forward to it now.  Who woulda thought?

4) Work on healthy eating.  I didn’t do too badly at this, mostly because I was in the hospital although they have great food there.

Four Things of Do or Die

1) Keep up with my “always list.”  Routines and rituals and taking care of my self are a must right now.

2) Spend at least two hours a day outside, no matter what.

3) Walk Kizz for 10 minutes every day this week.

4) Finish getting house in order.  It’s very clean, but a bit scattered in places.

29 thoughts on “Building Rome, Do or Die

  1. I need to do this..especially the “always” list…I need to take a shower. Sigh, why does that get so difficult when we feel this way? I have spent the day cleaning out tons of papers and clothing, in prep for possible homelessness…but, I can’t say I feel very good about it. I understand about the smoking too..not the time for me to try and quit. Hugs and much love Rose!


    • Always have an always list. It might change from week to week, but my therapist says you should a list of at least three things that you MUST do on any given day. Everyone’s are different, but it’s the point of having structure and goals.

      I hope something works out with your housing situation, Kim. How terrible! If there was anything I could do from a distance, I would hope you would let me know. ❤ and ((hugs!))


  2. Yes, what John said, you’re kicking butt! Yeah, trying to stop smoking if you have a whole bunch of other stress going on, you are so right. For me it would be trying to stop eating bad food… pizza… yeah not going to happen any time soon. Keep working hard at taking care of you. 😀


    • Thanks, GE! I really appreciate you putting together the Rome posts — they are so relevant to my everyday life. And pizza, yeah, I’m not giving that one up either. 😀


  3. Yeppers… always say always, and never say never. Hella good go’round of wisdom learned and spent.

    Rome wasn’t built in a day, and lessons to learn from Nero for not givin’ enough of a shit. Can I say that? Regardless… always have goals. Good goals. Have learnt over the years, bad goals be soooo much easier to follow than good ones. 😉

    Welcome back to cognizant writing, mija… XOXO


  4. I’m glad they convinced to hold off on quitting smoking. Too much other stuff going on. These are tough times for you so be easy on yourself if you don’t complete all your goals. You can always call out “do-over!” and try again the next day.


    • It sucks though because I really want to quit. It’s an out-of-control habit and I really can’t afford it on my budget. I’m going to give it another week or so and then give it another go. I think, anyway. And I like that — “do-over!” 😀


  5. Compliance with meds is a good thing, in my experience. Although my psych meds are pretty well set, I’m taking pain medicines for sciatica and other back/nerve pain. A few of them have a 12-hour duration, so I decided to set my dual alarm clock at 0800 and 20:00 (i.e. 8 o’ clock every 12 hours) so I would be sure to take those meds. Cimmorene (@wavemistress) helps me by keeping alarms on her tablet for my other dosing times.

    Speaking of Cimmy, I’m sure she’d very much relate to your goals of keeping up hygiene and remembering the kids’ needs. This has been something she’s had some trouble with lately (and she blogged as such)


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