Building Rome, Goals for Self-Compassion

It’s that time of the week again where those of us building Rome, all spout out some lofty goals, report on last week’s goals, and maybe throw up a funny picture or memorable quote.  This is all brought to us, of course, by Green Embers who so thoughtfully created and designed and brought this challenge to life.  If at any point you wish to join, just do a Building Rome post and link back to him.

The theme of this week’s “Building Rome” is “building passion.”  My life definitely lacks passion right now.  In fact, I can’t even come up with any passion related goals because I don’t have anything I feel passionate about.   All the things I love to do — read, blog, interact with other humans, watch bad TV, learn new things (crochet!), drive, work — I am unable to do at present.

My brain is so foggy, I can’t concentrate, focus, stay in the moment for any of it.  This is very frustrating.  I’ve basically stopped blogging because I know I sound like a confused ass.  I can’t drive anywhere because I’ve been in a couple near-accidents (because I failed to pay attention).  I can’t read because I read the same paragraph over and over.  I can’t even pay attention to bad TV!  And then there are the long and extended crying spells.  Gah!

What I can do, however, is set some goals for self-compassion.


1) Get out of the house twice this week.

2) Play in my pool every day.

3) Find a magazine or two I can flip through.

4) Walk Kizzie every day.


1) Take meds as prescribed.  Check!

2) Take care of Kizzie’s needs.  Check!

3) Take care of personal hygiene daily.  Fail!

4) Work on healthy eating.  Somewhat check!


1) Keep up with my “always list.”  Check!

2) Spend at least two hours outside every day.  Check!

3) Walk Kizz for 10 minutes ever day this week.  Fail!

4) Finish getting house in order.  Kinda check!

18 thoughts on “Building Rome, Goals for Self-Compassion

    • Thanks, GE! I need those hugs! And yes, you really must get yourself a pool. It was $40 at Westlake Hardware, comes with a pump and filter system, is 8′ wide and 30″ deep. It’s itty bitty, but its a lot of fun. It’s pretty much my main joy in summer. I get in every day. 😀


  1. I don’t feel particularly passionate about anything right now either … but if you were to take away one of the things that is a key element in making life livable, I suspect I’d become passionate in a hurry. It’s easy to lack passion about things we have. Writing, my dogs, reading, my husband, my home, my son. Take any one of these things away from me and I’d find passion in a hurry.


  2. I don’t know, I’m kinda getting into the food lately. Oh, porcupine meatballs are kind of a basic beef meatball with rice in them. I’ll see if I can find time tonight to swipe the recipe from Mom and email it to you. In the meanwhile, I’m eating Triscuits and tatziki.


    • You and your exotic foods. I still want some of the artisan cheese you bought at the market. The meatballs sound yummy, especially maybe done as sweet and sour?


      • She usually makes them in a tomato sauce that I’m fairly sure is mostly just Campbell’s tomato soup. Meatballs in any form are one of my go to foods. And yes, cheese is another. Mmm, cheese…


          • Unless I’m mistaken, we’re having tamales tonight. That sounds a lot more involved than it really is – we buy them premade, frozen, and then I just steam them. 😉

            I know that I have heard of Swedish meatballs, but my addled little brains are not pulling up a sensory reference.


            • Ahhhhhhh I LOVE tamales. Where in the world do you find the premade and frozen? I have never seen them anywhere here, but this town is like the capital of not carrying good food.

              Swedish meatballs — I’ll get you a recipe. I think you would really like them, as long as you like meatballs.


              • Do y’all have Schwans in your neck of the woods? They’re a home delivery type place, the guys usually drive around in freezer trucks and you can either get stuff they have on hand or order it for the following week. Kind of pricey, but some of it is worth it – the tamales being at the top of the list in my opinion.


  3. That pool sounds perfect! Enjoy it, with the magazine too 🙂

    Something is in the air now, or has been for a while. We can only keep on keeping on, I guess. Here is to this week being a good one!


    • Yes, this week needs to perk the eff up. So far today, it hasn’t been bad and I have high hopes for the rest of it. Mondays always suck, though. You keep on keepin on, too!


  4. I love the description of your pool 🙂 When my kids were little we grown-up moms would always get right in there with the kids to cool off. Pools don’t have to be Olympian to make my day. Hang in there.


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