Ten Things of Thankful, Sickie Poo Edition



I have two lovely TToT banners today, the above courtesy of Mama and the one at the end courtesy of the TToT blog-hop folks.  I like both, so I’m going to use both.  Sorry, I’m feeling defiant after a row with my well-meaning but obnoxious father.  I was going to turn it into a “Open Letter to Dad” but decided against it because I am still just TOOOOO angry.  Will have to settle for a little banner-acting-out behavior instead.


1) I am thankful for my mom this week.  When I needed Rx picked up, she jumped right on it.  She also brought me excellent sickie supplies since I was on a clear liquids diet for almost three days, but am now a BRAT (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast).  It feels good to be a brat and I cheated and ate ramen noodles for dinner, but hey, there’s probably some rice in those noodles!  So thanks, Mom, for always taking such good care of me, no matter the circumstances.


2) I am thankful to have a job, a job that I like, a job that I am good at, and a job where I like my co-workers and bosses.  I am thankful they have adapted the last month as I spent a few days in the loony bin and then several days after that being loony and, just when the looniness ceased, developed the killer stomach flu.  And I still have a job.  They still want me back, and I am ready to come back as soon as I can get my fever down and be deemed noncontagious by QoB.  And stop being so dizzy.

3) I am thankful that I have a nice, clean comfortable house, with running and recently serviced AC.  I see many friends sweating it out on FB and all over the blogosphere and I just can’t think how much sicker I would feel if my house was 95 degrees.


4) I am thankful I have  a “dumb” phone.  My friends and relatives are always having a helluva time with their smart phones.  The fanciest thing I ever do is put Walgreens on speaker.


5) I know how much I might bitch about them sometimes, but I am thankful for Walgreens.  They rarely mess my stuff up anymore, it’s less than two blocks from my house, and they’re just so speedy and organized.  I could say less for their online site, but this is a POSITIVE post.


6) I am thankful that Mom is holding onto my debit card for me.  Over the last month I was really doing some ridiculous spending — it’s bad when you don’t have enough left over from your little impulse buys to purchase groceries.  The beauty of it is that I did of my own free volition.  (Atta Girl!)


7) I am thankful for WP and FB friends, old and new.  You guys are awesome, keeping up with me when I am bored, making me laugh, listening when I cry, just giving me awesome information and new things to look into.  I really do appreciate all of you!

images (1)

8) I am thankful for Caller ID, because sometimes, you just want to screen your calls.  There’s some people you REALLY want to talk to, and some you wish would fall into a dark well (temporarily, of course).  I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing.

images (2)

9) I am once again, this and every week, thankful to Kizzer pup.  She has been a real trooper.  She was home by herself for almost four days, and she did really well with Grandma paying her visits.  It took awhile for her to get used to me being back, but soon she was up to her Kizzerly tricks again.  It seems since Grandma visited, she gets a lot more bones.  I don’t think that one is all on the Kizzer.


Kizzer’s Favorite — Dingo Rawhides

10) I am thankful that I have the ability to forgive, because while it won’t be today and it might not be tomorrow, I do have the ability and willingness to call Dad on his crap, and it will happen.  And I will forgive him and he will try and explain and it will be over.







27 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful, Sickie Poo Edition

  1. If I end up sickie-poo, I am suing you. Just.so.you.know.
    Just chased goats off the lawn, eating Chinese takeout, and thinking to myself….

    Good LORD, hopefully won’t own this illness. But Surely, I’ve been cautious. Hopefully the hazmat suit has not offended.

    Remarkable… to go from the bugnuts bin to a Trifecta of Twoman. And be okay about it now. Just sayin’… you rock. 🙂 XOXO


  2. Good list! It must be really hard for you to find positives at times, but the fact that you do is peachy! I’m pretty sure in certain parts of the world Ramen noodles would be on their equivalent list of foods you can eat with your condition, so you’re good 😉 The job one is a really important one, having a supportive employer when you’re struggling with other things means such a lot. Hope you feel better real soon!


    • It is hard to find positives sometimes, but I always seem to manage. 😀 Yes, the job thing is good — not having to worry about getting fired is a blessing!


  3. Glad you are feeling better – stomach flu is just the worst. I love caller ID too. My house phone actually says the caller’s name out loud so I don’t even have to check the phone to know if it’s a call I want to take or now. Pretty great!


  4. It was probably wise that you decided against the open letter to your dad, because even though it would make you feel better right now, in the long run, well, yeah. I’m glad your mom was there for you, taking care of Kizzer, picking up prescriptions, bringing you BRAT-ty food. I had a virus one time when I lived in a little house with no a/c. It was 95 degrees outside (with high humidity), I had a fever of over 100, and dying would have been a relief. A friend brought me a big box of popsicles and that’s all I ate for two days while lying in front of a fan. Hope you’re back to slinging bait soon!


    • oooo popsicles sound SO good right about now! Yes, the hope is to get back to work soon, but right now still too sick. This WILL end, I keep telling myself!


  5. #10 is so very important. Otherwise you stay hooked into all that anger and hurt *sigh*

    I’m SO SO SORRY you’ve been sick! What a horrible week for you. Thank goodness for A/C and your mom looking after you. I hope you’re really a lot better now. It’s great that she was such a help to you 🙂


  6. wow… that job thing is awesome…. you must be a value to them or that much time off would leave you paying for it instead of grateful! Glad youre out of hospital even if you returned to flu… at least home… get well and enjoy being home.


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