Building Rome: Something Good


As part of the goal-building prompts that Green Embers puts out every week, he reminds us of something that we can all lose sight of:  there is good in every day.  Even the worst day has a bright spot.  At end of day, it’s those bright spots that we need to look at, to examine, to remember.  Goals for this week focus on finding the bright spots.

First, a recap of last week’s goals:

1) Be more active with Kizzie.  This has happened a little this week.  I have been sick so there has been no real rough-housing, but we are definitely playing a lot of fetch, tug-of-war, and Kizzie has been busy barking at everything that moves.  All in all, I’d say its been a success.

2) Get the back room straightened out.  Boo to being sick, I say!  This project has remained untouched, but I do go back there from time to time and think about what I want to do.  That’s something, right?

3) Cook a nice meal for the Big Dawg while Mom is out of town.  This obviously didn’t happen, because again, sick.  Boo again!


This week — the goals of finding the good:

1) Help someone do something difficult for themselves, through support and encouragement.  This could be any number of things, but I do have one particular thing in mind.  I am there for you, cheering you on!

2)  Take joy in unexpected benefits.  With all of this downtime, my knee is feeling better.  I will take this time to plan out what I want to do with my new found knee-fabulousness.  Probably start walking again (if I can ever get better).

3) Take downtime to set long-term goals.  Every week here, we set short-term goals.  I find it difficult, at times, because my long-term goals are so vague.  I vow to sit down with pen and paper (or mouse and keyboard) and really hammer out some long-term goals — 1 year, 5 year, even 10 year.  Whatever it is, I’d like to know myself where I’d like to be at those times.

Go visit Green Embers’ page to find out how you can participate in this motivating project.  You can also find links to other bloggers participating — go cheer them on!



23 thoughts on “Building Rome: Something Good

  1. Long term goals always seem harder for me, too. The only one I really have going right now is to actually finish this degree. Hmm, maybe we should start some kind of long term goal thingy…


  2. Encouragement! I’ll take all I can get please! 😀

    Woot, gonna be a fun week, yay for knee feeling better! Should we join Jeanette in the couch to 5k program? I want to be able to run and wear out Nina, lol.


    • Encouragement! Woot woot! You will have more than you need!

      As soon as I’m not sick, we’ll see if Jeanette wants us to do couch to 5K. And I’m not sure that little would even wear out Nina!


  3. QoD sez….. Good Golly, Miss Molly, that you have the fortitude to still wheel up to a keyboard from time to time. AHEM… you do realize yer in limbo land right now, right? 😉 Perhaps manana or the next or next will shed some light. Regardless, ya know I’m ridin’ shotgun. xoxoxo


    • Wheeling up to a keyboard is about the extent of it, other than wiggling my fingertips. Gotta have something to do other than lie on the couch or bed and stare at the wall!


  4. Hi Rosie, it’s lovely to meet you. I came here through way of Brad’s blog – to provide some encouragement. I’m sorry you have been feeling so unwell – hopefully you’re feeling a little better now?

    This is my first ever week for this activity and so I didn’t set my goals too crazy out of reach.
    Walk 3kms every day for 7 days. That’s it.

    Hopefully I will make it through this week and come out the other end feeling a whole lot better.
    I look forward to following your journey!

    Miss Lou


    • Hi, Miss Lou! Thanks for dropping by!

      Yes, it’s best to set our goals low and then move up. Otherwise, it becomes frustrating when we don’t meet them. You will find as you go by, in time, that you add other goals to your repertoire. The key is to make them small, manageable goals.

      I hope you are able to achieve your walking goal! I’ll bebop on over to your blog in a bit and see what else you’re up to!


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