Crazy is The New Normal

 Mama’s Seven Weeks of Weird asks the question:


 What is the weirdest thing about you that people don’t usually know?

Well, the answer to that is, I really don’t know.  I don’t consider myself ALL that weird, I guess.  Sure there were times, back in school when I felt like I was kind of the “weird” one, but it wasn’t so much weirdness as it was just being socially anxious and awkward.

After I accepted that I had bipolar disorder, I thought that made me kind of strange, a little weird.  To be mentally ill, in my circle, that was weird.  I still every once in awhile today think of all the “weird” things that go along with having bipolar disorder.  But then I shrug my shoulders, because that’s just how it is and it’s not going away.

 It helps tremendously to be active in the WP mental health blogging community.  There is such a sense of togetherness and  understanding and compassion.  None of these people think you’re being weird, whereas a friend or family member might.  Nope, those are called *symptoms*!

For the longest time I thought that my sister thought I was “weird” because of my bipolar.  And she kinda did.  But she has accepted me now with open arms and there is not  a single person inside my circle that doesn’t know I deal with bipolar disorder and there is not a single person in that circle who belittles me for it.  As it should be, and as I wish it for everyone.

We are all just people, weird or not.  I’m very thankful that I could overcome my “weirdness” and just be this super-cool chick who happens to have bipolar disorder.  Life is much more fun that way.



And that lovely and large and purple section at the top is thanks to a quick HTML course taught to me by Bradley of Green Embers.  Yay for Bradley!  (it’s actually easier than you might think!)

21 thoughts on “Crazy is The New Normal

  1. Why, yes, “normal” is Shirley a setting on the washing machine. That’s the one with the lid on the top, if there’s any query. 😉
    Weird must belong to that same family that sez…. “we’re soooo dysfunctional” when running to a local store for butter… must.have.butter.
    Weird is having an early bedtime…. even if ya cannot sleep.
    Weird is having yer parents insist you put yer handprints into a piece of concrete to fix a problem, date it, and pretend the problem was never there.
    Weird is not batting an eyelash when yer Momma sez…. O.M.G….. my Kindle has gone walkabout. Gotta check your car soon.

    Weird is always in the eye of the beholder. Good for us, that most folks believe we’re not weird…. just extraordinarily attentive to life. 😉 …. XOXO


    • Weeeelll, I’m probably not totally normal. I guess this was a hard post for me. I’m sure I have my quirks — and they’re probably embarrassing ones, too!


  2. We look at others and think they’re normal; we’re the ones that are weird. But – as my mother used to say – everybody is dealing with something.
    Which makes us all either very weird or very normal!


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