Building Rome: Shoot it to Me Straight

It’s Green Embers’ Building Rome time and I have thought and thought about what I wanted to post, being that I am not yet back up to full 100% Rosa awesomeness.  I think for me this week is going to be a bit of a repeat with a twist.  Originality just isn’t in the cards today, looks like.

Last week, I worked on the following things:

1)  Set aside one to two hours to read everyday (two if I am not working that day).  I did always set the time aside, although I didn’t always spend it reading.  I did read an average of two hours per day, though, so I’m going to say this goal was accomplished.

2) Go back to work or somehow be more involved with the shop.  This is not going to happen until I feel better, can stay awake all day, can handle interacting with customers and stressful situations.  Not quite there yet, but almost.

3) Start driving again.  Yay!  I did start driving again and it felt good, although kind of scary.  Especially kinda scary the times I did it without wearing shoes (that’s another long story).  I think though, as long as I have shoes, I’m good, so, goal accomplished!


My Do-or-Die Goals:

1) Take care of all  Kizzie’s needs, including play with Kizzie every day for at least 30 minutes.   This went so well that we usually went over the 30 minutes if  you count up all the 15 minute intervals during the day.  She is as happy as a pup ever was.

2) Hygiene/Self-Care.  Satisfactory.

3) Take all medications as prescribed.  I am having a really hard time remembering to take my morning meds, a terrible time remembering to take my morning, evening, and bedtime Zyprexa, and did goof around with a few of my physical health medications as well.  This was not a winner this week.  I do have a plan and it involves getting my mediset filled up and setting more timers.

4) Eat healthfully.  This is kind of put out of commission with me being sick.  I am getting really good at making Ramen in the microwave, and I’m doing a good job pushing fluids, so there’s something.


This coming week’s goals:

1) Continuing to read two hours every day.  This was really helpful for me in calming my brain down and relaxing me.  And I have some killer books to read right now!

2) Ask some friends for feedback about lack of blogging.  And of course, feel free to add  your two cents in the comments.  I am having a really hard time blogging regularly, coming up with topics, and even responding to prompts.  I do want to write, I feel pressed to write, but I just can’t come up with it.  Any advice?

3) Start reducing cigarettes smoked in an attempt to quit which will be upcoming.  “Nuff said about that one.


8 thoughts on “Building Rome: Shoot it to Me Straight

  1. I say try to write, but just save to draft or to the computer, don’t worry about publishing. Even if it’s just a few sentences or makes no sense later, it is something. And who knows, maybe it can lead to a new post?

    I also think as long as your readers have been around, they know what it’s like to go through these periods and that you haven’t just stopped or disappeared. A break is a good thing sometimes, even if you continue to write in private.

    Yay on the other goals! I already broke my fast food rule, but I did limit it to a Happy Meal 🙂

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  2. I’m with Sheena… you gotta rest between bouts of work. Same applies to blogging.

    Besides, I consider reading and responding to comments just as much a part of blogging as the writing part. Maybe one of your comments might be a jump-start to another post of your own.

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  3. I think you did a really good job in spite of not feeling all the way better yet. YAY!

    As for the writing, I’ve found a system that works for me – but you gotta keep in mind that this is me and me is weird as hell. Half (maybe 3/4) of the reason I have the “theme” days set up is so that I can write stuff ahead of time and schedule it, and the themes help me figure out what to write about. It doesn’t totally prescribe the topic, but it at least helps narrow things down for me. Totally just a thought.

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  4. You made some serious progress there, Rosa Awesomeness!

    How to get back to writing your blog regularly?

    I go through phases where I’m struggling too much to write. So when I’m feeling better, I try to write a few things as they come to mind. And I store them till I need them.
    I also try to take an interest in others – every so often, I stop and do a story about someone else. At any given time, I have a few in various stages of completion. So I’m kinda living vicariously, taking myself out of my world, through their adventures.
    Once in a while, I write about a book I’ve read, or about an artist or author.
    And as you know, I sometimes make serious fun of myself and my inability to cook, knit, bake, arrange flowers.
    I don’t know if any of this is relevant, Rose but these ideas are what came to mind.


  5. Ditto to everything above. I think you’re doing great. If you need a brief break from blogging, just post every few days that you’re still on break so that people don’t assume you abandoned your blog. I hope your back in full force soon…when you’re ready


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