Is it Weird, or Is it Cuckoo?

Mental Mama’s Seven Weeks of Weird has left me baffled.  The first three (weird foods you eat, weird things people don’t know about you, weirdest thing you do to relax) were all somewhat challenging, but do-able.  As I’ve said before, I didn’t consider myself a very weird person, but I guess I do have my quirks and once I got to writing, it became apparent that I am a little on the cuck0o, if not weird side.  I’m leaning more heavily toward cuckoo…maybe I just don’t like the word weird.  Semantics, semantics!

Last week saw me in a downturn, so I didn’t get around to Weird Wednesday.   I’m gonna double-book this post and do last week’s and this week’s all in one.  I’ll try and keep this from turning into a 1500 word essay on why Rosa is weird/cuckoo.  (I know, Bradley, 600 words, 600 words).  😀

Last week’s topic challenged me to describe the weirdest routine or habit I have.  I don’t think the routine in itself is weird, but it’s how closely I stick to it that might be a bit cuckoo.  Now, throwing the last six weeks out the window, I keep a very strict sleep/wake cycle.  I have a morning routine and I have a bedtime routine.  I’m talking more than just brushing your teeth and washing your face.  Certain things are scheduled at certain times and I get slightly distressed if I get off schedule.

It all kicks off when I take my evening meds at 8:00P and ends when I lay down in bed with my Kindle at 9:00P.  I “allow” myself to read for an hour, at which point I must try and sleep.  In the morning, I rise at a certain time, drink caffeine of some sort, and sort through the Internet until it’s time to get ready for work or do whatever else it is I’m doing that day.  I do this every day, and if I don’t, my mood gets seriously thrown off.  Schedule and consistency are key to managing bipolar disorder.  At least for me.

This week’s topic questioned the writer what the weirdest thing they collect would be.  I thought about this for awhile, as I don’t collect figurines of any sort or belly button lint.  Then, as I reached for my water, I realized — I collect oversized plastic cups.  Yup.  That is a little weird, isn’t it?  My current favorites are 32 oz double-wall-insulated faux Solo cups.  They are AMAZING.  They will keep a drink cold from the fridge without ice for hours.  They’re a perfect size so you’re not always getting up and refilling.  They might just be the perfect cup.

I also have a slew of glasses, and that was at the request of DSB, wh0 couldn’t stand to drink out of plastic.  I need to make room for some new plastic cups Mom found for me, and I am seriously thinking about boxing up all the glasses and giving them away.  Or at least putting them out in the garage.  I have little use for a real glass.  They never get clean in the dishwasher, and they break.

So, what’s cuckoo or weird about you?  It’s not too late to sign up over at Mama’s!

17 thoughts on “Is it Weird, or Is it Cuckoo?

  1. I can’t actually make a comment about long blog posts at all right now, since my last one is well over 600 words 😆

    You know, I was thinking about this and I do kind of collect water bottles. I am not even really sure how that happened but I just keep ending up with new ones. It is weird. o.O


    • Ahhh, the 600-words Bradley comment was intended for my buddy Bradley over at Insights of a Bipolar Bear. It’s a longstanding running joke with us. 🙂 But you’re right, you were way over 600 words your last post…but these things happen. 😀

      Water bottles is about as weird as cups. I need some more cupboard space!!


  2. That sounds utterly normal to me, except I do the same stuff a couple of hours later at each end. I think most of us (especially those of us with insomniac issues) have sleep rituals. If we don’t follow them, whatever they are, we don’t sleep which is pretty motivating and not, in my opinion, the least bit odd. Odd would be if you didn’t do it and thus didn’t sleep. But hey, what do I know?

    I don’t have any particularly weird routines either. Other than medication schedules, I have no schedules or rituals. I never really thought about it, but if taking medication when you’re supposed to is weird, then medicine is weird.


    • I think the schedule part of it is normal, too. Everyone should have a sleep/wake schedule, in my opinion. Poor sleep hygiene is rampant and all kinds of studies show that Americans do not get enough sleep. I find it doubtful that most Americans have an insomnia problem, though. They just need a routine!

      I also have my medication schedules and try to be pretty rigid about them. It really DOES matter that you take your medications at the same time each day. Some people don’t get the importance of that!


  3. To answer your title question, I think I need a door number 3 – none of the above. I agree with Marilyn. All of the healthy lifestyle guidelines include ample and regular sleep. The large sized plastic cups? I dunno. I suppose it’s unusual, but weird? … dunno. 🙂


        • I don’t get that either. I love water, crave it even. There is nothing better than some ice cold water in a big insulated cup. 🙂 I have a 48 oz Nalgene and I fill it probably five or six times a day, plus two or three big glasses worth in the evening.


  4. The excuse I use from staying away from this challenge is that my main “weirdnesses” aren’t covered in the categories. And I have a bridge to sell you, if you’re interested. 😉 I do have a thing about index cards. I think I own a bunch of every color and design. I use index cards too, but not at the same rate I accumulate them, so I guess that makes them a collection. 😉


    • Ohhhh I LOVE index cards. I don’t have a big collection now, but I did when I was in college. They are just SO useful! Yay for having a fun (but not really that weird) collection. 😀


  5. LOL You’re cracking me up about the 600 word rule. Lets just say it’s more of a “guideline” I say that now because I’ve been writing longer posts these days. I still avoid the 1,000 word limit. If I go past that then it’s time to do some editing.

    If collecting large drink cups is as weird as you get then I think you’re okay.


    • Indeed, over 1,000 is just insanity. Break it up into several posts if you have that much to say, right?

      The question remains…what’s YOUR weird collection? Inquiring minds want to know! 😀


      • I’ve been racking my brain and I can’t think of a single thing. I use to move a lot with a job I had so trained myself to not hold onto things unless absolutely needed. I’m terrible at housework so I do collect dust. Does that count?


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