A Life Worth Living, Week One

Sometimes there is a good thing going, and it gets ruined by a handful of people.  That is what happened with me and Ten Things of Thankful.  I deign not to participate in it anymore, but I do feel like it is important to get some thankfuls out there at week’s end.

There is a saying in DBT, that you are working toward “a life worth living.”  Amen to that, because in the throes of all that hell and depression and anxiety and mixed episodes, it DOES NOT FEEL like you are living that life.  If you stick with it long enough, however, you start to find little happy flowers popping up in your flowerbeds and you can go out anytime you like and smell the wet earth and lightly-scented flowers.  That, my friend, is a life worth living.



The following are the events, people, dogs, and other things that made my life worth living this week:

1) Here, right now, in this moment — I can go to the grocery store by myself without massive panic and anxiety.  I even got myself some pretty good deals with the minimal amount of money I had to spend.  I am getting to a point where, *sometimes* I don’t need that boost to get there.  That is huge for me.

2) I thought I was going to lose a chat friend, and then I didn’t, and the chats are better than ever.  Not panicking, not pushing that person away, not going over the top…things I would have done before, they didn’t happen.  I processed it angry, I processed it slightly pissed, and then I processed it neutral.  In all things, neutral won out and wise mind prevailed.

3) I have made plans for the week.  I am having ice cream with Dad today, I am having dinner with my stepsister tomorrow, and I am having a make-up party with my best friend from high school on Tuesday.  I am looking forward to all three events and it makes me feel good that I can get out and do these things.  Having people around you who care helps create a life worth living.

4) All of my prescriptions are waiting for me at Walgreens.  This may seem like no big deal, but it took years of fighting several years ago to get me on the insurance I needed to afford my meds and it has taken years of fighting to deal with the Walgreens system and finally figure out what it was that I needed to do, on my part, to make sure my meds were there and ready and there were no problems.  Figuring things out like this create a life worth living.

5) Sometimes things come about that make you realize who your true friends are.  The ones that stay and listen and give advice, and the ones who can’t be bothered.  Learning which people to keep in your life and those which exist only so you can serve their every need, that is a big life lesson.  Sometimes the time comes when you have to “cut the fat” so to speak and let a few go.  Learning how to do this through effective communication is learned in DBT and builds more credence toward a life worth living.


I know I  have been blogging about DBT a lot lately, but it truly is the best thing that has ever happened to me, as far as my bipolar goes (well, except maybe Lithium 🙂  It is a good therapy for nearly every disorder, and the tenets really do help people even without the disorder.  All you have to do is practice the skills, and the happiness will come.

If you’re feeling froggy, feel free to link up to this post with your own list of what made life worth living this week.  I would truly be honored.  Or, if you don’t want to do a list of your own, leave just one thing in the comments.

21 thoughts on “A Life Worth Living, Week One

  1. Just getting the whole medication this worked out is a big deal. I ALMOST have it worked out. 85%, but the other 15% seems to be impossible. Medicare is very intractable as far as medication costs go, so unless you have extra help from Medicaid or something, you can’t get there from here.


    • Don’t I know it! I go on Medicare in October and am hopeful to be able to stay on my Medicaid, which I actually receive through a Federal program called “Working Healthy.” The bottom line on that, is that, as long as you are working you can keep your Medicaid. Right now I have no co-pays. If that changes, I am completely screwed. Mom and I have an appointment with a representative from the Department on Aging’s triage office and they are going to explain everything to us. My fingers are crossed.


  2. A whole lot of awesome in this post. You kicked that grocery store’s butt! woot! Didn’t lose a friend (although I don’t think that was an option). Having ice cream!!! YUM! And after reading Marilyn’s post, the medication thing seems HUGE. Yay!! 😀


  3. I love your list this week. Way to go. My one this week is I booked a trip to San Francisco. I have a difficult time spending money for pleasure, and I don’t know where the money is coming from, but it’s time to spend a little money on me for a change and I’m grateful I did.


  4. Honored to be here, and be a part of yer thought process.

    a) Life is always worth living. ’tis just a matter of knowing occasional moments will suck, then be part of the past. Future is always so bright I gotta wear shades. 😉

    b) If I didn’t fantasize about ice cream, life would be very hard. Doesn’t matter whether ya get ’round to it or not. What matters is knowing ’tis a possibility, even if declined by time constraints or actual desire.

    c) There’s a hella lot of interesting schtuff out there in the world. Must continue to experience.

    Yep, double-check, week one, ’tis just another week… and another gold doubloon in the pocket.


  5. Ya know, I really like your idea for this, way better than mine. 🙂 The whole “life worth living” concept was so foreign to me when I started DBT but now it’s just part of what I do. And I think it’s awesome that you’re continuing to make such great progress. YAY!


    • Thanks, Mama! You could always join in! Make us an extra cool banner and the works! 😀

      It totally was a foreign concept, but now it’s day to day life. The other one I like best is “You’re doing everything you can AND you can do better.”


  6. Loved this blog. I just did one of those Facebook 3 days of 3 positives. It helps I think sometimes to document the little positive things. Will definitely try this. Thanks for writing, great read and very encouraging.


    • I try to do a thankful post every weekend. I think it really clears up just how the week has gone and gives you a different perspective. Thank you for coming by! 🙂


  7. My one thing, which actually was last week, but I’m still feeling the glow this week so it counts (right?) was handing in the first draft of my Masters dissertation to my supervisor last Friday. I’ve been working sooooo hard on it, and it felt so good to get to that stage. Your list was a goodun 🙂


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