Building A Life Worth Living, Week Two

life worth living


Thanks, first of all, to Mental Mama, for creating the lovely banner for, what I hope will be, a permanent series.  I wish I had half her talent.

Another note, if I get enough interest in this challenge, I will start a link-up (or rather, one of my techie friends will teach me how to do a link-up) so we can all revel in each other’s awesomeness.  The only requirements are that you blog about things happening in your life, that make your life worth living.

This, of course, is a “DBT thing,” but is not JUST a DBT thing.  It’s all about making your life better so that  you’re not just living day to day, but you are feeling JOY and experiencing the small beautiful things mindfully and putting purpose in your life.  It is gratitude and it is wise mind, all rolled into one.

The things things that are making me happy and mindful and present and thankful right now include:

1) My new-found ability to not bitch out an inept customer service rep.  Instead of using vinegar, now I use honey to coax out of that intractable rep just what it is I am needing.  It is amazing how being nice and polite on a regular basis can settle into you, making it your “go to” mode instead of anger and bad feelings.

2) A friend who convinced me to go see my pdoc when I was going to just stop taking a couple of my meds altogether due to unpleasant side effects.  All I needed was the suggestion, and I listened.

3)  Much thanks for Dr. Wizard being in my life.  He listens, he understands, he takes action.  Anyone should be so lucky to have a pdoc such as this.

4) Moments of unexpected mindfulness while cleaning, while playing with Kizz, while driving, while breathing to fall asleep.  You practice mindfulness on a regular basis, and it just finds you in everyday life.

5) My friend, Kelli, who showed me how to use the makeup she gave me, and my hope and belief that it can improve my self-confidence.

6) The grace given to me, possibly through my Aunt Pat G. or by Glo, that keeps me on track and keeps me hoping and hoping and hoping for faith.  Faith, I have not given up —  please do not give up on me.

7) The fact that it matters to me that there may be faith within me.  I am not a hollowed out shell, I am a person and there are things that matter to me.

8) My ability to find wise mind amongst the chaos.  This has perhaps been the greatest gift DBT has ever brought me.

9) The fact that I do not necessarily need words to see the love a person has for me, but rather it can be shown in actions.

10) Learning to balance a social life and a private life.  This one is hard, because the temptations live on either side of the dialectic, but middle ground can be found with work and introspection.

If you would like to be a part of this challenge, let me know in the comments or in the following private feedback form:


8 thoughts on “Building A Life Worth Living, Week Two

  1. I love your list and I’ve seen a lot of growth in the short time I’ve been reading your blog. It’s great you have such a good relationship with your pdoc. I hear so many horror stories.


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