Building Rome: It’s Not For Sissies

When I started Green Embers’ Building Rome, I reminded myself that I am not very good at goal setting — that is, I set unrealistic goals that should really be broken into smaller chunks.  Over the past several weeks, I have tried to do that, and have in many cases.  Unfortunately, it is usually the goals that I really want to accomplish that are the ones I don’t.  And it’s because they’re TOO BIG.

Following are last week’s goals:

1) Blog every day.  This proved overly difficult.  I even posted my new series twice because I failed to have anything better to write about.  What happened to the writing, thinking Rosa?

2) Continue path to quitting smoking.  I continue to cut back on the number of cigarettes I smoke each week.

3) Find new music for MP3 player (suggestions are welcome)  Didn’t even try.  It seems that listening to “The Band Perry” every night as I drift off to sleep for the last three months has been soothing enough, that I am not super-motivated.

4) Get 25% through my new book.  I am 14% — and don’t think I’ll finish the book.  It’s just not very well written and has a lot of grammatical errors which are really driving me crazy.


The “Do or Die” Goals — all the same as last week.  Apparently, consistency is key.

1) Take care of all  Kizzie’s needs, including play with Kizzie every day for at least 30 minutes.   Done!

2) Hygiene/Self-Care.  Satisfactory.

3) Take all medications as prescribed.  Getting much better.

4) Eat healthfully.  Relative to the diet the doctor currently has me on.


Green Embers suggests this week to “find Neverland.”  Finding and celebrating that inner child.  I do this a bit, because it is related to Sacred Self, but I really should do it more.  So this week, I’m going to:

1) Watch “Frozen.”  My niece is obsessed, my friend’s daughter is obsessed.  I really think I just need to see this movie.

2)  Do something about my hair.  It is big, it is frizzy, and I have bangs.  There must be some solution.

3) Find a quiet place, away from the realities of life.  Go there at least once every day.  I’m thinking more Netflix is in my future.

11 thoughts on “Building Rome: It’s Not For Sissies

  1. I’m going to suggest you don’t have to write about anything specific. You can just write. About anything. Short is fine. A couple of hundred words, sometimes less, is enough. If you don’t plan so much, you’ll find it flows far more easily. It’s supposed to be fun, so enjoy it. You’re a good writer. I encourage you to broaden your scope and not limit yourself. I think you have talent still hiding under the covers 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I did a short one, tonight, Marilyn. I don’t know why it hasn’t popped up yet. I think you have some very good advice on the blog-writing part. Hopefully we’ll get better prompts now, too. 🙂


  2. You’re actually doing really well. I’m proud of you! 😀 I agree though, sometimes just need to scale things back and take it a bit easier and that is okay! 😀

    And Marilyn has great advice. 🙂


  3. Bradley is right – take it a little easier. As my mom is so fond of saying, “as long as no one died, it’s fine.”

    ps – I might, MIGHT, have finally found something to tame my curly, frizzy mess. I can’t remember the name right now but it’s something like Mystical Divine and it has argan oil in it. I’ll try to remember to get a pic of the bottle for you.


    • I am going to try and take it a little easier — I just find that difficult.

      If you have found something even remotely helpful, please do let me know. This hair thing is outta control. (Have I mentioned I have bangs now? For the first time in my adult life? Gah!)


  4. I concede with the Bradleys.

    I also agree with MM, anything with Argan Oil is your friend, as is non-sulfate shampoo. And not washing your hair everyday. And dry shampoo.

    (you would think my hair would be in better condition with all that above, but I know what to do for everyone else’s except mine!)


    • Yes, the Bradley’s and MM have it pretty much summed up. I do need to stop washing my hair every day, I know that much would help. I am hoping MM can come up with the name of the product she has found. (and bangs…seriously?!?) 😀


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