Ten Things of Thankful, The “Week Off” Edition

In the past, I have written gratitude posts on a weekly basis for “Ten Things of Thankful.”  I quit doing that after awhile because I thought I wanted to give it a go by myself, and then I foolishly thought my focus was different and special and started “Building a Life Worth Living.”  And then I lost my focus, and I am back to the beginning.

Knowing “Building a Life Worth Living” was never going to go anywhere (although there is another blogger in the sphere who might pick it up), I’ve decided to return to “Ten Things of Thankful,” and have seen a lot of really great posts on it lately.

So, to participate in TToT, write a list of ten things you were thankful for or that were particularly awesome in the past week.  Click here to link-up with Liz at Considerings and your happy little post will be shared around the blogosphere.  Have fun!

1) I can’t remember if I mentioned it on the blog (although I know I have on FB), but I had Sunday thru Thursday off from work and it was WONDERFUL.  I caught up on sleep, TV, and with friends.  I did a ton of laundry and cleaned some neglected areas of the house.  I feel like I accomplished quite a bit, although there is always more to do.

2) In related news, I was able to go to the big city on Thursday and spend ALL DAY with Baby O.  I fed him and helped with his bath and he even let me hold him, but just a little.  It was a good day all in all.

3)  My dad and uncle are in Colorado on vacation, and Dad called to let me know they survived a scary and intense drive up and down part of Pike’s Peak.  They are both afraid of heights and Dad said, now that he’d done it, he didn’t think they’d do it again.  While I find this somewhat amusing, I am really glad they are ok.

4) Put up 12 PINTS of grape jelly (picked right off my own property) with help of my dad’s wife.  We had a lot of fun and I’ll have several Christmas presents to hand out, especially considering I don’t like grape jelly…like, at all.

5) Was sooooo very hungry yesterday morning, with little in the house but coffee, and I found a box of Shredded Mini Wheats that was only partially stale.  I know that sounds gross, but…hungry!

6) Able to speak with Goddess of Mindfulness for a bit yesterday.  Seems that other than a few little glitches, things overall are pretty good.  We have been doing a system where I leave her messages and she reads my blog, and I let her know when I want to speak with her or sometimes she will call or email me based on what she has read or heard.  It seems to be a pretty good system.

7) Big stack of paperwork to sort and file, and receipts to catalogue and put in Excel, waiting for me when I got back to work.  Job security!

8)  The busy season is pretty much over for now, so I am happy everyone is getting a little extra time off to do what they want to do.  Busy season ends always right before (or sometimes slightly after…yikes) people seem like they’re going to snap.

9)  Thank goodness for Medicare and Medicaid.  I start Medicare in October, and will have an increased number of doctors and specialists I can see.  And the Medicaid will pick up the remainder of the bill.  The best part of this is that I will have coverage for my CPAP again!

10) We are getting a lot of rain, and that will mean beautiful color on leaves during autumn.  Really must do a scenic drive of some sort!




29 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful, The “Week Off” Edition

  1. Medicare and Medicaid (around here, Medicaid is MassHealth) — is the best medical insurance I ever had. The least expensive and the most complete coverage of everything from medication to MRIs. I’m very glad to hear you have it. When you turn 65, they dump you off Medicaid … which was traumatic because just when your income goes down, your medical costs go up, but that’s the system. I guess is doesn’t have to make sense. Do they think you get healthier because you are older?


    • Yeppers, I am pretty happy about my insurance situation and am glad yours is working for you, too. We would both likely be dead now, were it not for insurance, so thank goodness on that one.

      I think the rules with dropping people passing the age of 65 of Medicaid definitely has to do with a cost-benefit for them. I am a bit confused though because know several people on Medicaid who are past age of 65 — I think it also has to do with an income and asset poverty line. Or at least it does here.


  2. I’m very inspired by your thankful ritual. I decided to incorporate something like that into my life – the internet can be a real downer most days. Thanks!


    • The Internet is only a downer, if you go places where there is drama and negativity. There are plenty of places that are focused on the positives, on humor, on mindfulness, on healing. You just have to find them.


    • Thanks! It’s good to be back! Dad says so, yes. And apparently so, because he took a drive up again yesterday and said it was the worst anxiety he has felt in a very long time but that it was quite beautiful.


  3. These are really great. I should look to making more of an effort to be thankful as well. My new job is a lot less fun than I thought it’d be and so I take to thinking of one thing to look forward to (even if it’s just being able to use a new kind of shampoo or looking forward to riding my bike in the nice weather) each morning before I get out of bed.


    • Well ya know, Charlotte, I am partial to TToT and it is an incredibly easy way to get your thankfulness in for the week.

      Sorry to hear about the not-so-fun job — it does sound like you are handling it well, though!


  4. Good list, Rosa. You do them well and in a thought-provoking manner. And Building a Life Worth Living… somehow it’s connected to Ten Things of Thankful, dontcha think? 🙂 XOXO


      • Yes, well understood. There’s no reason to create a wheel unless ya truly want it. Otherwise, ya just grease the squeaky one and call it a day. Put yer energy where ’tis needed. 😉 XOXO

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Welcome back 🙂 Glad to see you again and that you’ve got so many very good things on your list. I hope you’ve managed to get some grocery shopping done now, and aren’t still reliant on stale mini-wheats!

    Good news about the insurance 🙂


  6. The 12 pints of grape jelly made me laugh! I’m so impressed that you spent the time and energy to make something you don’t even like. 🙂 I bet the jelly will make great gifts, though!


  7. It’s one thing to go to the trouble to make jelly if you like it. It’s a whole other thing if you don’t even like it. A labor of love, no question.
    I’ve done drives like the one your dad did. They can be scary! Glad he did it and came out safe. 🙂
    Sounds like you had a great week off. Hope there isn’t too much work waiting for you when you get back. (Which is probably today, so…hope it went well! :D)


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