I have not blogged much lately, and that is mainly because I have been doing a lot of really not feeling good, with stomach issues that have been present since late March/early April.  The local doctors have no idea what’s wrong, so Mom and my insurance case manager are going to work at getting me into the big, fancy specialty place in the big city.  Mom says, “so no more worrying now.”

Along with not feeling good, the only things that have sparked my thoughts to put on this blog are things that I don’t want (potentially) everyone to see.  I’m not doing much during the day, my brain isn’t working right, and I’ve only been to work one day in the last week.  Thank God for supportive parents as your employer.

But when it all comes down to is, I really don’t want to stop blogging.  There are things I wish I could post about without sounding like a whiny brat, and there are things I wish I could post about when someone is a real asshole.  I just need to get around these things, maybe start doing therapy again.  Write my “to-burn-later” letters, just let go of some of these bad feelings.




20 thoughts on “Salvageable

  1. You definitely need a specialist. Garry’s brother is going through a whole gastro testing thing. It turns out he has ulcers — from excessive aspirin use.

    Feel better. We who follow will still be here. Do whatever you need to do. I’m glad you are finally going to get yourself to the specialists. I’ve been worried.

    The cyberworld will wait, I promise 🙂

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    • I hope you’re right that the cyberworld relates because I am soooo very tardy in addressing these comments.

      And you are right — I have seen in the past two days that there are always, will always be a special set of people in my corner, and they’re not going anywhere.

      Yes, glad about getting in to see specialists, very tired of being sick every day.


  2. ((hugs)) to you. When the inspiration strikes, you have the place to write. Until then, do what you have to in order to get things out of your system in a healthy way.


  3. It’s your blog. You can whine or be an asshole if that’s what you need. And I’ve found that most of the time when I feel like I’m being one of those things, other people don’t perceive me that way. Sometimes it’s useful to get it out of my system and to have that reality check.

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  4. Were it me, I’d just throw it out there. As said…. we who follow don’t care what ya write… and it IS your blog. Here for you, not others. The rest of it’s just side bennies (having folks who give a shit and read ya).

    Had I ever been as physically ill as you, for as long as you, I’d be ranting and raving and throwing small puppies through windows. Okay, maybe not the latter… but I’d sure think about it and grin.

    Here’s to manana, and manana, and manana…. XOXOXO


    • I’m not throwing puppies, but am totally fed up with it. Completely and totally. I know you know that and please know that I appreciate every single thing you are doing for me. MTLI


  5. I hope the docs can figure out how to help. Not feeling good physically colors so many other areas of our lives. From someone who has just recently gone back to therapy, I can say it’s been very helpful for me, so maybe it would be helpful for you, too.



  6. Sorry to hear you’re still struggling with the stomach stuff along with everything else! I’ve been absent from blogging for several weeks, both posting and reading, because I was finishing essays I had to hand in, but it’s nice to be back. As others have said, post whatever you feel like posting, whenever you feel like posting it! And look after yourself 🙂


    • It is good to have you back, Vanessa-Jane! And I am going to start, yes, posting whatever is on my mind — worst comes to worse, I don’t publish it or publish it as private.


  7. I completely understand. Twice this month I have written things up and then deleted them because I don’t want people to think I’m whiney. I once wrote a really long post about how hard it is to make friends as an adult, and especially living abroad, and I got this comment on it (from anon, go figure) that was like “wah wah wah go cry somewhere else, bitch”. But still, I do blog for myself so I shouldn’t listen to trolls.


    • Wowza what a jerk! I can’t imagine living in your situation and I think you’re doing amazing stuff (and how cool is it to have Stonehenge pics with you in the background…amazing!). Let’s keep on blogging about what we wanna, when we wanna. I’ll back you up!


  8. Rosie, your issues about feeling up to writing are interesting for me. I believe that we should all have some discipline but not for the same things all the time. Better to write when I am inspired, perhaps even angry, though I don’t have to post it until I’ve read it in another “mood”. My take is you are always about quality work, so when it comes, it’s great. Thanks for blogging. You’re inspiring as always!


    • I like that, not posting it until you are in other mood. That is great advice! I really appreciate your kind words about blogging…pretty much made my day! I really appreciate readers (even if it’s just a “like”) coming by and giving feedback. Sometimes it is all that makes it any more worth it.


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