The Beauty of the Loving-Kindness Meditation

I have some good, and perhaps unexpected news tonight.  I, Rosa, have had a GOOD day here this 19th day of September.  Really an all-around good day.  Physically, I woke up feeling relatively fine and only had issues with some crazy awful nausea during the day.  I find that if I sit very very still, this helps.

In the not-too-distant future, I can see myself functioning again.  I can see it and I can believe it and I have taken that photograph with me in my mind’s eye, so that I can keep referring back.  When I meditated this morning, it was a sort-of loving-kindness meditation that I had adapted to do what I wanted it to (my favorite kind).

My words for myself were:

May my body heal.

May my soul straighten.

May my mind be free from other’s drama.

May I live my life today, easy and carefree.

My words for others were:

May you be at ease with your  pain and suffering

May a great joy come to you today.

May you realize I always forgive you.

May you be free from the pain of life, if just for a moment


You can really make a meditation into anything you want it to, save that it is helpful to you and/or someone else.  I like the loving-kindness meditations, because “to self” words always soothe.  You must pick them out as particular to you.  These words you are putting into the world, they find people and knock them down and pick them back up again and set everything on course because, well, you are using these words to express love to yourself, which will set everything else afire.

The “to others” words can be particularly strong and powerful, to someone else and to YOU.  The best thing I like to do when starting “to others” words, is to picture a person I don’t much care for, or, even better, one who has caused me pain.  You say these words over and over, to a flawed but perhaps, deep inside, tortured person.  Your words may never mean anything to them, but the words help you to see this person in a different light.

My apologies for interrupting the status update with a little note on mindfulness, meditation, and loving-kindness meditation.  I still have quite the fog circling my brain, but I think I am coming through it.

15 thoughts on “The Beauty of the Loving-Kindness Meditation

    • Well, thanks, Marilyn. Yes, do try the loving-kindness. I feel like it is a lot easier than just meditating on a sound or other physical sensation. With this you’re talking (in your head) and I genuinely feel a sense of having done good when finished.

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    • Ah yes, Qo’D once again is sympatico with Mrs. A. Beautiful post Rosa. And I also have always sucked at meditation…. always admired those who can. My restless body and the squeaky hamster wheels in my head just never shut up enough to focus. I’m much better at tree hugging. 🙂 Writing also does good things for me, and is about as close to meditation as I can be. Reading, for me, is escape and unlike meditation. But hey, gotta have a quiet room, right? 😀

      PS Bird Woman was a great meditator…. must be in the genes.

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  1. Great post. Thanks for sharing. I’m a huge fan of meditation. It’s an amazing experience, once you learn how to do it. It took me awhile to learn, but I didn’t give up and it’s now a part of my day, every day.


    • Thanks, Tlo! And therein lies the key — once you learn how to do it. It can be quite frustrating to get into the right place and right frame of mind, but it is doable. I try to do at least one loving-kindness per day…most days that happens and sometimes I end up doing several throughout the day.


  2. So, uh, what exactly are you apologising for?? It’s your blog, you can interupt yourself on your blog in any way you see fit 🙂

    I never really got anywhere with meditating, but if it works for you, then you carry on with it 🙂

    Incidntally, I had a surprisingly good evening – I’m blaming you for sending out so many good thoughts 😉

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    • Hahahah! Oh, I know…I am an over-apologizer, I suppose. I just find it annoying when I do that. 😀

      Meditating isn’t for everyone. Not everyone is able to totally clear the mind, I get that. And for some people it just holds no interest. If you are a person it works for, however, it’s the cheapest therapy out there.

      I am glad for your surprisingly good evening and will happily take full responsibility. 😀


  3. First, totally loving the new header! Second, thank you for the kind meditation on my behalf. That seems to make more sense than praying for some reason, though I’m pretty sure they’re essentially the same.

    Most of all I am SUPER HAPPY that you had a good day! That’s terrific! 😀


    • Ahh Mama, I’m sorry…so late to reply! The new header is thanks to Marilyn Armstrong ( and I am loving it as well. Like my mom says, makes me want to drink a bunch of cider. 😀

      I need to do another post, but I have had a whole STRING of good days…not quite sure wtf is up with that, but I’ll take it!

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