A State Called Home

Clouds and sunset near Hoyt, Kansas.  Photo credit goes to an old high school pal who just left the Navy and moved (with wife and several kids) from California back home to Kansas, to give his kids the childhood he had.  James has traveled all over the world, by himself and with his family, doing the Navy thing proud, making me proud to know him, to see through the computer and talks with his mom just how much he has improved his life.  All the places he has lived, seen, experienced — he told all of Facebook the other day, that there is no place better than Kansas to live.  This is home.  Probably a lot of us feel like there is one place on Earth that has the memories, the beauty, the magic and love to be considered home base.  I’m with James — born and raised, Kansas proud.

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5 thoughts on “A State Called Home

  1. Nature has a way of making us fall in love with it. Most of us become smitten with a specific type of environment. For your friend it seems to be Kansas : ) for me it is mountains. Norway holds a very special place in my heart, a quick google search of eg. Ådalsnes should explain why ^^ i haven’t been there specifically but it is very iconic of the Norwegian landscape, and the type of environment that speaks to my soul. 🙂


  2. Mi Rosa… this is James S? If so… how stinkin’ wonderful that must be, both for him and his.
    I’ve lived for awhile a few times in “paradise”…. several different places that were tourista and most lovely weather. Several different times I had to come back “home” … it never disappointed.
    The ol’ saw about “home is where the heart is” schtuff… so true. Even when one isn’t sure where “home” should be, we do always know the right time to revisit it in our heart. …XOXO


  3. I’ve lived in 8 different cities in 7 different states, It’s #8 that feels like home to me – Los Angeles. I don’t actually live in the city. I live in one of the suburbs just minutes from the beach. The beach is what calls to me.

    Good to see you posting again, Rosa


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