I wrote this in 2008, about four years after my most dearly loved Grandpa had passed. My mom found the post somehow last night and I have also had Grandpa on my mind lately. I thought it was worth sharing again, since I thought most people who read now have not seen this. Give your grandparents or special person a call today, or even better if possible, a big hug. What I wouldn’t give to see Grandpa just one more time, but I truly believe he is looking after me from above.


Four years tomorrow is the last time I saw my grandpa alive.  He passed away on August 23rd, 2004.  It still seems like yesterday.  I don’t talk about it, but I think about it a lot. 

I think about the last time I saw him, and how I was in such a rush to get out the door.  I don’t even remember where I was going.  I suppose I should feel lucky that I saw him that night, but I can’t shake the idea that I should have stayed longer, said more, not taken for granted that he would always be there. 

He loved me more than I can say.  He came to all of my basketball games in high school.  He would sit up high in the bleachers because he couldn’t walk down them to get any closer.  He would get up sometimes and stand, because I knew it…

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