The Slip into Depression, Stagnating Uprise


From  Ms. Greene


It’s the turn of the seasons, and like clockwork, my mood shifted too.  Already going through a stressful time, the little neurochemicals in my brain started going extra haywire around the time change (which coincided with crap weather for my area) and I forgot and lost a grip on all I at one time treasured.  And maybe that’s really too charitable.

I had been losing a grip on the things I cared about for a long time.  Staying in more, doing less, hibernating, not talking to friends online or otherwise, not blogging, not keeping with other blogs, not reading, not watching TV, playing with the pups.  Literally, just doing nothing.  And not really caring.

Now, today, I can say I care a little bit, but it comes and it comes and it goes and for the last long while I have cared very little about much of anything, particularly not my own well-being.  Those feelings will come back, I know, maybe when I am done writing this post, or the hours where the sun sets, or tomorrow sometime.

For the meantime, I can pretend that I care about my life, my well-being, myself in general.  It will get me just so far.  I can go through the motions of things people say are supposed to make me feel better.  Maybe that will eventually get me stronger, get me more ready to take on the world everyday, so I  can not cry anytime someone other than a customer at work asks me how I am doing.

So I will try, in my head and my feet, my heart and spirit aren’t there yet.  Maybe a day soon upcoming.  I always come out of a depression slowly.  This one has been dragging on for a while and I know it will end at some point in time (deep in my head I know that, but my heart forgets) and I will plead to the Gods Of Bipolarity to not send me a mixed or manic episode, but to humor me with something close to stability.

19 thoughts on “The Slip into Depression, Stagnating Uprise

  1. Just keep staying on top of this. I know that the other people in your life are too distracted with their antics to maybe notice, but you know you can always reach me if you need to, even if it is just until you are in a place to get help where you are.



    • Thanks Sheena. You are a very important and dear friend to me, always providing much support even while dealing with your own row of hurdles. It is much appreciated. Know that. ((hugs))


  2. Hugs, hugs, hugs Rose…I know how hard it is, but start telling yourself things you don’t yet feel…”I am happy”, “I am energetic”…etc. I know it sounds simple, but it may help. Love you!


  3. It’s hard to keep on keepin’ on when winter in the Midwest sucks AND you’ve got other shitty things going on. Keep up with the sun lamp, take your meds, keep up on the self-care, and just do your best – that’s all any of us can do.

    Sending lots of *hugs* and a whole lotta ❤


    • You are right about Winter in the Midwest. Gah! I have done the sun lamp last few days and am doing better with meds. Hope to start seeing significant change soon!!

      ((hugs)). ❤


  4. I have always come out of depression slowly. Sometimes, I don’t even realize I’m out until I’ve been out for a while and suddenly, I think … hey, I’m not depressed. You’ll get there. One foot in front of the other until you are in the light again.


  5. Winter is the worst time. I feel like I could have been the one to write this post… with a few minor changes. I completely get it. We are all here for each other though!


  6. Really like this! As frustrating as it is… there is a lot to saying “I can pretend to care”. I think it’s almost underrated… I even underrate it myself – to myself at times. Um… that probably didn’t even make sense. None-the-less. Thank you for this post! Love your site!!! 🙂


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