Breaking the Habit — Talking About Joy and Gratitude



1) The youthful exuberance brought to my two best friends by increasing exercise and having a companion.  The barking DOES get a bit obsessive, though.

2) 2014 is almost over and I have not been in the hospital since the summer, although it is likely a few times I should have gone.

3) Deciding to rededicate myself to meditation and mindfulness.

4) Making concrete plans and seeking medical advice to lose weight in 2015.

5) Becoming more serious about the few things in my life that I can pinpoint as activities that really DO matter in the overall scheme of things.  Must, however, find more of these things.

6) Making a conscious decision not to lose sleep over things I can’t change.  You have to turn that over in your mind again and again.

7) Being brave enough to reach out to people I am at odds with.

8) Better place to blog and do other computer tasks.

9) New-to-me car to replace the PT Cruiser I totaled a month ago (not my fault, was struck by a driver not yielding to a stop sign).  The new car is a bright blue 2006 Chevy HHR and it is CUTE and fun to drive.  And if anyone needs help hauling a dead body, it also has a huge cargo space.

10) Feeling a certainty that I can make my life better, regardless of the status of the lives around me.

Question of the day…

Do you think you are addicted to talking about your problems?  Sometimes a little thankfulness goes a long way!

PS to my wonderful readers — turns out as I  publish this, it notifies me this is post 590.  600 posts seems HUGE!  I will bring cookies, someone grab a bunch of egg nog.  🙂


14 thoughts on “Breaking the Habit — Talking About Joy and Gratitude

  1. I envy your new car. Especially since one never knows if/when one will need to haul a body, right? Our Scottie is a nonstop barker. It’s a terrier thing. They get on a roll and it’s like they are so totally into it, they can’t stop. Or maybe they don’t want to.

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    • I am unbelievably lucky with the car thing. Amazingly lucky. The stars just aligned on that one. And no worries, you need to move a body, I’ll be there in a jiff. 🙂 You’re right about the terrier thing. The only odd thing is that Lucy Lou is a Standard Poodle…I didn’t know they were so obsessive about it. And you’re right — they just don’t want to!


  2. Wonderful list of gratitudes. Congratulations on approaching 600 posts! I am grateful for fellow bloggers and the mutual support we offer one another. Good job on exercising. I’ve been exercising every day since we bought a new to us elliptical. Dyane Harwood helps to motivate me. Happy Holidays!


    • Thanks, Kitt! Yes, and number 600 will have to be something special, but what I am not sure yet. The exercising I am doing is really minimal, but its a start and there is really only so much you can do with a broken foot. I am ready for that to be healed so I can get back into walking, which at one point in time I dearly loved. An elliptical! You go girl! I would likely fall right off! :D. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!

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  3. I sometimes feel like I talk too much about the bad, but then other times I feel like I gush too much about the good, so it probably all balances out. I am going to try really hard to do the One Good Thing jar in 2015. The idea is you write down one good thing that happened, either every day or once a week, and you stick it in a jar. Then on the next New Year’s Eve you dump out the jar and look back at all the good things that happened.


    • I like the idea of the One Good Thing jar. Sounds like a good excuse to decorate a Mason jar. Pass the glitter!! :D.

      I feel the same, like I do enough of both that it balances it out. I know some blogs that are always negative and that can get really old and some blogs that are always positive and I don’t think that is realistic.


      • I have my jar set out already, I’ll have to take a pic. It’s just a big Ball gasket top jar in a really pretty shade of green. But there are probably about a million ideas on Pinterest for decorating Mason jars. 🙂

        I don’t think anyone’s life can be all bad or all good. Sure, we go through times when it definitely *feels* like it’s all bad, but if you take a minute to look you can almost always find a little something good.

        Blogs that are constantly negative get unfollowed at Mama’s house. 😉


  4. I think I may come off as constantly negative, but in my mind I figure it is better to do that here and get it out of my system than not at all. Not that y’all want to keep reading all that, but you know what I mean.

    I do love your list though. I may also have to look into this jar-thing. 🙂


  5. What great things to aim for. I’m with you on the weight loss. The doctor said I need to lose some this year… Gah, I’ll start in the new year.
    I don’t talk about my problems enough, I think. I feel I carry other people’s too much. My mum may talk too much about her depression; but I let her, because it’s good for her to arrange things in her brain through talking.


  6. Hey you, good list! Wishing you a really great 2015, at least one where you go forward more than you go backwards – that’s probably the best any of us can hope for right? I just saw in the comments that you have a broken foot? Hope that heals soon. Take care, catch up soon! 🙂


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