Forever Starting What I Don’t Finish — Except This Time

Cheers to all of the NaBloPoMo bloggers out there!  Blogging every day in the month of November is no small feat, and one I have accomplished only once in my long, but not illustrious stint on the blog-circuit.  I did make an attempt last year, but it was quite pitiful, and, as the title of this post suggest, was left unfinished.

Rather than vowing to blog every day this November for NaBloPoMo, I think I am going to change it up a little and do it Rosa-style.  Knowing that this part of the year can be rife with painful bipolar cycling and ventures to the dark-side of things, I think I will pledge instead to simply blog as much as I can handle.  Because if for nothing else, it makes me feel better, even for a short bit.

My physical at-my-desk space for blogging has greatly improved, and my mood is currently *mostly* stable.  Surely, with those two things in hand, I can hit “publish” semi-regularly.  In addition, I have several people I follow who are participating in NaBloPoMo, and they are all fantastic writers and I’m sure they will leave me feeling inspired, if not just plain itchy to write my thoughts down.

And in gearing myself up for this time of accelerated and enhanced writing, I read back through the last several entries I had made.  I am pleased that, even in times of great sorrow and despair, I didn’t appear to wring my hands and “oh-poor-me” it…it seemed that I often had a solution that I was working on, or at least something of a game plan.

What I realized when I was reading all of these back-entries, is that, without writing, I generally make very little game plan as to how to handle my current mood or situation or circumstance.  Of course, I talk to myself in my head, but it does seem that goals get carried further when they are down on “paper.”  Of course, the other beauty of having things written down is that I can go back and look through these ideas and see patterns, which is ever-helpful in changing how I think and how I behave and how I *do*, in general.

So yes, a bit more writing is in order, because as I have been reminded, dark days of winter are a’coming, and they can be downright tricky.  Whatever I can do to help myself feel better and to help myself figure things out, is what I need to be doing.

For anyone reading, I wonder…have you ever taken a somewhat-extended hiatus or period of inconsistency from blogging, only to come back to it successfully?  I would really love to know, so I can direct myself through this most efficiently and effectively!


22 thoughts on “Forever Starting What I Don’t Finish — Except This Time

  1. I have decided to give NaBloPoMo a shot, but am worried about doing a spectacular flop due to depression issues as well. That’s what happened with the A-Z challenge last April (that was the last time I was blogging regularly). Good luck!!


  2. I took an unintentional hiatus from my blog, because I had such a bad case of The Blands – nothing to say and nothing worth saying. But now I’m back, baby, whether you like it or not! 😛 Really it feels good to be back. I’m not that consistent but I hope to become more so.

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  3. I think it all really depends on if you are looking at using the blog liek you did before or if you modify your approcach to blogging after the hiatus. Only time will tell, but every word counts so I’m glad to read this today 🙂


  4. Hello you 🙂 Welcome back! (except I think you’ve been back for a couple of weeks already, right? Whatever. Welcome back.)
    Minimum is one word/picture/emoticon per day… you (we :)) can do this!!


      • 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 We’ve got this – and there are so many time zones we’re not worrying about semantics either 😉 What’s a couple of hours here or there between blog readers?!
        (My point exactly! To be fair, we have very sand soil, but still….)

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  5. Thank you for the reminder that writing things down is helpful in moving forward and that letting my mind circle through things over and over is not as productive. I also like your idea of blogging as much as you are able, it sets you up for success!


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