Ten Things of Thankful — Found It!


With a little push to my brain, and fingers flying fast over Google Search, I remembered the key words that I needed to find this prompt last week (that I unfortunately couldn’t find until about five minutes ago), and am now back in business doing a link-up for thankfulness.  Woot!

So because the point of this post is to get down the the nitty-gritty right away, let’s talk about what was keeping me thankful and grateful this week:

  1. Sunlamps, and the realization that I do NOT have to keep skipping out on my psychiatrist.  I am supposed to go in when I am feeling bad or off, so that is what I will do!
  2. The knowledge that a dear friend’s Thanksgiving went much better this year than in year’s past.
  3. Knowing that volunteering ourselves to go to the big shindig for the Big Dawg’s side of the family probably got him out and away from the TV and a frozen dinner.
  4. Was able to see my nephew and really bond over the last week, and have plans to see him again on Wednesday.
  5. Much less discord between LarBear and I, which I attribute to both of us listening more, communicating more, and being more patient…also thanks to therapy, for the both of us.
  6. The YMCA pass Dad is providing LarBear and I.  I did water walking yesterday and am very sore, but determined to keep up with it.
  7. A little extra money (I hope) to get caught up on buying some personal hygiene items.
  8. Two happy, healthy dogs
  9. It appears the new infusion that LarBear is taking for Crohn’s is working.
  10. Starting to have relationship again with stepdad



6 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful — Found It!

  1. A YMCA pass sounds like a wonderful thing to have. Walking in the water really is good exercise too. I’m glad the infusion for the Crohn’s is working. It is always good to feel happy for the happiness of a friend.


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