Ten Things of Thankful, Psych Ward Edition


Its been awhile since I have done a thankfulness post, but because of all the human suffering I have seen during my last four days on the psychiatric ward (for
lack of a better phrase, I mean really, folks!), I just feel an extra amount of gratitude for life in general and feel like there is no better exercise for the heart and mind at 4:00am on a Sunday. With no further anxious rambling, I give you this week’s list, THE list to end all lists:

1) The staples of any hospitalization, I am grateful for a steady stream of coffee, cigarettes, and no-cal sweetener.


2) I am exceptionally grateful that after I leave from getting my little brain tuneup that I have a good, stable home with supportive people in it to return to. So many don’t.

3) I am very thankful for not being addicted to alcohol or other substances. Talk about complicating and compounding your mental health issues. Whew!

4) I am thankful to LarBear for visiting each and every day, without fail, and for having the good humor to spend his 35th birthday with me here during visiting hours with absolutely no complaint.

5) Regular contact with that big family that loves beyond measure, even if giving me more space is what it takes.

6) Music. Headphones on at all times.

7) The ability to easily get into this psychiatric facility, to have my insurance pay for it, to not be put out on my ear.

8) Adult coloring books, colored pencils, and a sturdy sharpener.

9) Some of the most awesome support staff I have ever encountered.

10) Anytime I can get a smile on my face.

15 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful, Psych Ward Edition

  1. Hope you are feeling a little better now. Take care.
    By the way I love this post. Taking note of the little things is something that has helped me immensely. πŸ™‚


    • I really think grade schools thru high school should require some classes that deal with how to manage stress, anxiety, etc…the world would be a better place!


  2. Oh my goodness, and I am so thankful that you have all of those things to be thankful for. It does sound like your psych ward is a pretty good one, and as someone who has never been hospitalized yet, I only ever hear of the bad psych stories, so this blog post was very much a blessing. Feel better soon doll.


    • Well, it wasn’t exactly a hospital, it was kind of like a step between independent living and the hospital, called a crisis house. Soooo, we could keep our phones and we could smoke as many cigs as we wanted and that sort of thing. It’s much better to go there if you can catch yourself before you get too crazy and you have to go to the “real” hospital. πŸ™‚


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