Another Day, Another Monkey Wrench, Solutions Welcome! (gibberish and rambling are included!)


I am not sure why I can’t seem to remember that I am absolutely powerless to control pretty much anything, especially the whim and will of other people or the weird Kansas weather or (to a degree) how my body will react (generally dramatically, whichever the direction) to a big medication adjustment or how my frizzy-ish hair is going to handle the day’s vacillation in humidity.

Here we are, another week has gone by, there have been ups and downs, but I am surviving, and am in fact surviving in somewhat decent humor.  A bit over a week ago, things were getting a bit too roller-coasterish with my mood, and my Seroquel was increased (for the second time this month) and I really thought that was not going to affect things (overall), too much.  I was, of course, terribly wrong and while it has given me moments of extreme grogginess, the really irritating thing is that I am just extremely hungry at all times, no matter what I have just eaten or what else I have done that day.  In addition, the sugar/carb cravings are back and I really do put a lot of that on the Seroquel.

Some of it is me, though — me not handling anxiety well, me not handing “change” well, me just reverting to slacker (eating) ways.  The other problem the past week or so has been that I have not been able to do my normal exercise routine, partly because of bad knees, but mostly because of serious toe infection (both big toes) and extreme ingrown toenails.  My primary care, thankfully, decided that now was the time to pull both toenails.  They  have actually been giving me trouble for years, so in a sense, I am happy to start over with a fresh nail bed, but it was quite painful and remains a bit more than slightly painful, the dressings are not easy to change, and I have had to back off of my daily trips to the pool to do aqua aerobics.

I am on Day One of no exercise, and one would think I would be faring better, especially considering years and years of slackerdom and the past year in which I barely moved from the couch.  No lie, however, I am going quite stir crazy and have been bouncing from project to project to project.  Nothing is satisfying the itchiness inside my brain, and to keep that itchiness company, my stomach is constantly complaining that it be filled.  It is a miracle that I am not hugely over-eating my plan calories allotment, but the desire is definitely there.

I am going to have to figure out some more creative ways of telling my cycling brain to shush, of telling my growling tummy that it is not in fact starving, of settling the  feeling in my legs of wanting to bounce around, and so forth.  I am employing all of the usual remedies, like chair exercises, doing new crafts, working on special projects for others, reading, talking Kizzie and Lucy’s ears off, browsing the internet, trying to organize different spaces.  I think I need something totally different, and I have thought about it all day and decided that maybe YOU have the suggestion that I am needing.

So please, do tell, what amuses you when you feel similarly?  I am pretty open to suggestions, provided it includes nothing illegal, smoking cigarettes, or imbibing in any kind of mood-altering substance.  Let’s hear it!

3 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Monkey Wrench, Solutions Welcome! (gibberish and rambling are included!)

  1. No one really has control of their life, you know. It may LOOK like that to you, but life does what it does and we do the best we can to manage it. Obviously you swing more widely the some, but no matter how hard you try, you will NEVER get your life to be the way you want it. It just doesn’t work like that. Life is like being a passenger on a huge bus. You can choose your seat and sometimes, decide with whom you ride. Chat along the way. But you don’t get off until the driver tells you it’s your stop. You don’t get to pick the road on which you are traveling. So you do your best to enjoy it, hopefully meet some fellow travelers whose company you enjoy. And that is life. My life, your life, everybody’s life.

    One small aside: SOMETIMES that feeling that you are starving is actually acid reflux. You should see a doctor and make sure because it can do quite a lot of damage without your recognizing it. It is easily treated, but no, Tums or Rolaids won’t do it, but there are many prescriptions that can help — IF that’s the problem.

    Really, you’re doing better than you think.

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    • This is all so very true! As far as acid reflux goes, I do already take an rx med for the issue. I have been doing a bit of research and it seems the calories and macros that I was limiting myself to was possibly too restrictive. Also, went to grocery store and picked out a good bit of healthier food, especially for snacking. It is helping quite a bit!


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