And Sometimes I’m Nice

As I blogged about yesterday, my sister’s big baby shower was today.  And yesterday, I was not feeling being around a bunch of people, and, even worse, being around some people that I can hardly tolerate.  I have had a serious lack of sleep issue going on, and I can’t always be counted on to have my filter switched on during this sort of thing.

I have to give some serious credit to my sister’s childhood friends who, in the end, really put the show together.  I’d been doing behind-the-scenes work all week…ya know, scrubbing out a microwave, dusting off shelves, making party favors.  But my sister’s friends, who I will hereafter refer to as The Gaggle, made everything run very smoothly.

The only thing I was in charge of today was telling people where to park, and I thought that was just awesome.  The Gaggle set out food, mixed drinks, picked up plates, organized presents, facilitated the obligatory shower game (which I did not win, because I don’t have enough items in my purse, bwahahah!), and were just in general fabulous.

I stayed through the main shower part, and, even though I really didn’t feel like it, I was nice.  I made polite conversation without taking Klonopin.  I hugged a few people that I would rather never see again.  And I kept my filter screwed on tight.  I’m actually proud of myself.

When I couldn’t take anymore chit-chat, I hauled ass home and chatted with DSB for awhile about the woes of welding and fire pits, and then we came inside and I tried for two hours to take a nap.  I didn’t sleep, but it was quite restful to just lie there, snuggled in lots of heavy blankets, with my earbuds in, and my eyes closed.  To be frank, it was nice not to be talking.

Not sleeping really does a number on my body (i.e., I feel sicker than shit), and so DSB graciously made dinner tonight and went to the store for our two most important items — ice and milk.  Must-have’s in this household, although that might sound weird.  We go through a lot of both.  At any rate, I’ve been fed, watched a few episodes of Grimm on Amazon Prime (that is such a great service, it’s not even funny), and now I’m blogging, so all is pretty much perfect in my little world.

And I don’t have to work tomorrow.  And the time changes tonight.  Boo to that, but I’m trying to think positively in that I’ll get an extra hour of sleep, if I actually sleep.

So all that being said, go check out some wonderful bloggers featured in Rara’s Nano Poblano.  We’re on Day Two of a Never-Ending-Month (just kidding, I am loving it so far!) and need all the support and readers we can get!  😀