Ten Things of “Keepin’ It Sane” Thankful

10thankful-bannerWe all have our little tricks that keep us going in the worst of times.  I choose to use this Ten Things of Thankful to highlight the ten things that keep me sane which I am most thankful for.  Don’t forget to go check out Lizzi at Considerings, the originator of this little blog hop, and to link your own at the end of her page.

Sometimes a little gratitude list (even if its for the really, really small stuff) can bring about a big positive change in your attitude.  I try to do this blog hop once a week, (which is also perfect because then I don’t have to think too hard about what to write about), but the reason I do it over and over, is simple…it WORKS for me.

  1. Unlikely, but included nonetheless, super-heavy-duty ponytail holders save my sanity every time.  There is nothing worse than having whispies or big chunks of hair touching your face all day.  (and yes, when I said touching, I put my fingers up in the air and wiggled)  I know I am not alone in having hair that can drive one straight up the wall, although I admit that it’s a bit strange to be my number one item on this list, but I have taken down and put my hair up about nine times today.  The long hair struggle…it is real, y’all!
  2. indigo-wild-zum-body-0091_8(1)Anything lavender-scented.  My current favorite is a lavender-lilac candle my dad bought me,and I would swear to you that using the lavender lotion by Zum can sometimes be about the only thing that will calm my raging anxiety.  Or at least that was the case yesterday.  Heaven knows it will be something else tomorrow.
  3. Kizzie.  Kizzie belly rubs and Kizzie kisses and Kizzie barking happily at me and feeding Kizzie treats and Kizzie, Kizzie, Kizzie.  If she wasn’t so wild, she could be a certified therapy dog, but she is my therapy dog, so that is what matters.  She knows when I am sad and when I am anxious and plants herself in my lap.  She licks my tears away, and will lay calmly at my feet through almost anything.  I really don’t know what I would do without her at times.Kizzie4.  And Kizzie leads straight into Lucy, the standard poodle that I have opened Lucyour home to, who used to live with my mom.  She is so darn happy here, it’s amazing — she and Kizzie play and leap around like puppies half the time.  With the addition of a little carprofen (which I am also grateful for), her arthritis is kept at a minimum and she can focus on being the Princess that she truly is.

5.  That I have managed to actually blog a few times this week.  It has been cathartic and freeing and enjoyable and lovely to interact again.  I hope I can keep that stuck in my head and repeat over and over.

6.  5-Things-New-Bloggers-Can-ReTeach-You-www.lovethehereandnow.com_-800x533Fairly related, I have found several new bloggers that I am excited to follow.  I hadn’t added a new blogger to follow in a really long time, but some super awesome people have stopped by this ol’ place and I am excited to put time and effort into it, like I used to.



7.  The fact that LarBear and I both believe in buying the actual CD of an artist’s music.  We buy ours mostly from Amazon, and have found some real winners lately with Chris Stapleton, Old Dominion, Cam, Keb Mo, Jana Kramer, and Kacey Musgraves.  Just Google, you will find…they are all spectactular!  And seeing as music is one of the main things that calms me down, I just consider that we are buying cheap therapy.

8.  It’s that time for the Interpersonal Effectiveness Tool, “FAST”, to rear it’s head and I am READY.  I have several situations where I do not want to over-apologize, where it is important for me to get across my point of view without losing my self-respect.  I have already tried it out a few times, but I am building up to a really big FAST that will be unveiled soon.

9.  I am thankful that I have reasonable insurance and that medications are filled as they should be and I can get in to see my treaters when need be.

10.  I am thankful for friends who are only an email away, who never give up on me even when I have been gone for a really long time, and who I can start BS’ing with just like old times the moment I am back in the picture.  Thank you.




My Take on Batman at Christmastime

It seems it has been a wildly successful Nano Poblano (or NaBloPoMo) 2014 for many of my blog friends, and I am happy about that.  I had joined up but only ended up cranking out a handful of posts due to complications, mostly with brain fog and inability to concentrate, some writer’s block.  November was not my month, but 2014 has somewhat been crap for me all together.  It makes me sad that I didn’t participate more, but I apparently didn’t have it in me.  Still am feeling pretty rough, really, but I was tagged in a blog hop a few (possibly several?) days ago by a good friend, and I wanted to put that to bed before Nano Poblano ended.

Sheena from Not A Punk Rocker tagged me in the Holiday Blog Hop, wherein the tagee answers questions about the tagger’s favorite holiday of the moment.  For anyone who reads NAPR even semi-regularly, it should come as no surprise that I will be answering questions about none other than:


1) Have you seen all of the Batman movies?  Which is your favorite movie and why?  Which actor is your favorite Batman, is it the same as the one in your favorite movie?

I am pretty sure my favorite Batman movie was the one I saw today with Hugh Grant.  Since I don’t know much about Batman, I decided to do a little research on Netflix and was very excited that there was a Batman Christmas/Romance featuring all Brits.  Very exciting!  There were many comic book characters in the movie, but they were all in their human roles.  Apparently no one is wiser than me, picking up on this.  I’ll point out a few of my favorites below:

untitled (2)

This aging crooner is obviously Flash, you know, the guy with the lightning bolt? Same hair, same complexion.



images (3)

Martha Stewart obvs….I mean, everyone KNOWS she started from a comic book, right?




(no explanation needed)

My apologies to all Batman-fans out there.  You’re right…I watched “Love Actually” (my almost favorite Christmas movie) instead of watching Batman, Green Lantern, and trying to figure out who the Wayne family consists of.  I’ve done about all I can do to make a little spoof… it is silly that I know so very little about a topic that is so easily accessible.

Any tips on learning more about these masked men will be taken into consideration, i.e. movie recommendations welcome.  🙂


Never Say Never

I am following in the footsteps of BeadStork, who recently wrote a “never say never” post.  I can think of a lot of “never’s” that I have claimed throughout my years, that in some way or another have come back to bite me on the butt.  Like BeadStork says, karma, kismet, the laws of the universe, God, something out there will make you wish you  had never uttered the word “never” (or that will just make you laugh at yourself for thinking you had any control over your life…thanks for that one, Beadstork).

Like the time I said I would never date an older guy, after having had a horrible experience (not once, but twice).  Again.  Never.  Well, destiny (or God, yeah, I’m leaning toward God) plopped DSB right on my doorstep and he is a full nine years and nine months older than I am.  In our particular relationship, age really is irrelevant.

We like to do the same things, he doesn’t treat me like a kid and I don’t treat him like an old man, and we are pretty well balanced.  I do thank God for bringing old and grouchy a more mature man into my life, because I don’t think one my age (or younger) could have handled the bipolar battles of the last two years.

Then there were many times when I declared, staring at the numbers on the scale, “I’ll never weigh more than that.”  Really, Rosa?  I don’t think the powers that be are telling me something, but my weight keeps creeping up and up and I mentally berate myself for all of the times I thought I was fat, obsessed about being fat, when I was in fact thin or of normal or of even pudgy weight.

If I could only get back to thence which I came.  I don’t have to be thin, height/weight proportionate (what asshole came up with that term?), or even “normal.”  I just want to drop about 100 pounds and I would be THRILLED.

“I’ll never move back home.”  Oh man, how that phrase has caught me up multiple times.  During each and every breakdown, there was a period of time where I moved back home, even if I still had my own place.  I’m in a good place with it now, and I know it is what I needed, but there is nothing like having to stay with your parents because you are mentally unstable to cut your feeling of grown-up-edness at the knees.

Some other shorter “nevers” that tell the tale for themselves:

  • I’d never pay that much for a haircut (or product)
  • I’ll never buy gas/groceries/food/etc there again (sometimes you get in a pinch!)
  • I’ll never smoke again (day by day process, at this point)
  • I’ll never wear sweatpants in public
  • I’ll never eat that much again
  • I’ll never let myself be lied to or yelled at again
  • I’m never getting Netflix/Hulu again (those first month free offers are killers!)
  • I’m never going to group therapy (and you can’t make me…ha!)

So the point is, there are many “never’s” we say in life that can turn around and bite us on the butt.  I had many more that were waaaayy too racy or gross or inappropriate to put up there.  😀

If you feel like having a little fun, join in and be sure to link back to BeadStork!