Opening #reverb — Certainty

  • untitled (3)Some of you may or may not have heard of or remember me participating in #reverb, a reflective writing prompt put on last year and this year (and possibly a few other years) by Kat McNally, blogger extraordinaire, and a few of her friends.  You can read more about the origins, and the who, what, when, where, and why to sign up or keep reading here.

The bottom line of #reverb is that it’s a reflective writing prompt which goes on in December each year.  It is a prompt of introspection and positivity and hope and setting goals ands letting go and all sorts of wonderful things that I find so healing.  I wish there were a #reverb prompt list throughout the year because they always have me thinking and, usually, feeling better, clearer, after I write.  (Please note that there are many similar writing challenges throughout the year, and Kat sponsors a couple of them.  You can learn about April Moon and August Moon prompts here, as well as other offerings.)

This year’s opening #reverb question…

what can you say right now with certainty?

Many things could be said, small or large, light or heavy. I choose to consolidate my certainty into a list, because that just seems easier to categorize it all:

1) I have people in my life I can count on.  Friends and family and sometimes (even) half-strangers.

2) I have love in my life that is strong and steady, support and focus that are unconditional.

3) 2015 must and will be easier on my heart and mind and body than 2014.  I will make it so.

4) People can change, if they want to badly enough.  People can also change, for the worse, with very little warning.

5) I will continue to not smoke.

6) I will not rush in.  I will be easy and take my time and be sure I am ready for what is happening around me.

7) There is no allowance for telling me how I feel, for telling me what I know.

8) All judgments will be stifled.

9) Seemingly hard things can be easy.

10) More people love me than what I realize.