Beloved Glitchiness

Premise:  Think about an object, an activity, or a cultural phenomenon you really don’t like.  Now tell us why it’s the BEST thing ever.

The wonderful world of electronics has evolved, re-evolved, and is NOW better than ever.

Let’s take the cell phone.  Remember when cell phones required a large suitcase in order to connect?  And how, usually, the call would ring through?  Instead, we now have iPhones and smart phones.  There are these things called “apps” that seem to be everywhere, including on Windows 8.  That sure was a good idea, Windows!  Anyone who is anyone knows how to use every app imaginable and it is super-good on the eyes to stare at a phone all day, playing CandyCrush or watching the latest movie or checking the stock market.

Another word about smart phones — don’t they make for the clearest connection ever?  I mean, I haven’t had a dropped call in almost ten years!  And the quality of the connection is always well above-board.  That commercial where the Verizon guy asks, “can you hear me now?” as he wanders the globe was NOT KIDDING when he affirmed that, yes, he was heard now.

Moving on to the home.  It is now necessary to have a universal remote to power all of  your devices.  Look!  Minimizing remotes is such a great idea, I wish they had thought of this years ago.  Now, when you punch the wrong input button and can’t seem to get your digital antennae working, you get some great exercise from all the screaming and stomping around your house this entails.

Apparently, also, after being dropped, these nifty little inventions are smart enough to request that they be reprogrammed to work with your electronics again.  They don’t tell you that though — that would diminish your own sense of importance.  Electronics are made to make YOU feel smarter.  You, yes you, can Google.  Once you find the website that tells you how to program your remote, it of course requests that you flip through the user manual that was not included in the original packaging, to find a specific code with which you would program your remote.

Windows 8 — you are the loveliest piece of software I have ever known.  I love not being able to find my desktop and having to search through apps in order to put a post up on WP.  Isn’t there an app for that?  An app for finding apps?  I’m sure, if not, one will be created soon.  Maybe ask your computer, Ms. Windows 8, and if you can find the help section, you just might be able to type in the winning question.  All of these brain exercises are given to you totally FREE from Microsoft, God love ’em.

I could go on, but my computer just told me it is necessary to restart in order not to lose my data.  Not that it ever WOULD lose my data, because everything I own is so smartly stored on the WWW on the oh-so-user friendly Google Drive.

And yep, I think there’s an app for that.

Kizz, The Mind Reader

Daily Prompt:  Who is the last person you saw before reading this prompt?  What is that person thinking right now?

Well, obviously, the last person I saw before she made me listen to her read this prompt aloud was, ahhh, Mommy!


Because I am the best puppy mind-reader on the planet, I can tell you the top five things running through her head right now:

1) ‘Gah, Goddess of Mindfulness says I have to shower EVERY day.  How the hell am I going to manage that?’

2) ‘Ok then, unfollow you — never responding to comments is so RUDE!  And, you’re boring.  And you write three sentence posts fifteen times a day.  Goodbye!’

3) ‘I’m so glad I didn’t stop and get a salted caramel shake after dinner at Mom’s — I AM going to do this healthy eating thing, even if it kills me.  I’m so tired of being that fat girl!”

4) ‘I wonder if I should text my sister and tell her I’m coming next Thursday to spend the day with Oscar.  It might be better as a surprise, especially since she gets so nervous over other people taking care of him.  I wish I was trusted and had the know-how and could just go spend the day with him by myself.’

5) ‘I need to get done with all of the computer stuff soon so I can go read my new book.  Starting at the first of the “Jack Reacher” series, with so many to go.  I hope the action starts picking up soon.’

6) ‘Poor Kizzie.  I’m not home enough and I don’t hand out treats often enough.  I should let her lick my plate when I am done.  She’s such a great and talented puppy, she deserves it!’

Okay, folks, that’s what Momma’s thinking right now.  The top five, anyway.  Her brain sure is a mess sometimes, wading through all sorts of thoughts.  And number six, well, that may be my own doing.  Think she’ll go for it?

Deep Within My Heart: Daily Prompt

From the Daily Prompt:  “For today’s prompt, tell us three things that you believe in your heart to be true. Tell us three things you believe in your heart to be false.”


1)  Those who have passed before us, look down on us today.

Here recently, I have felt the strong presence of my Godmother.  Not as a ghost or a spirit or apparition, just a very strong memory of who she was.  I can feel her near and the words that she spoke to me while she was alive are ringing in my ears when I am deep in introspection.  She was somewhat of a Southern genteel card-shark (if there is any such thing), and I have found myself drawn over and over again to the many sets of bridge cards that I was given when she passed.

Vintage Bridge Cards

Vintage Bridge Cards


I have had similar feelings with other now-gone relatives, mostly my Grandpa.  When my sister was married, anytime I’m on the lake, whenever there was a pivotal moment, I could feel him looking down on me and in my mind’s eye I can see him laughing, proud, with a big smile on  his face.

2) If you abuse me, and I don’t immediately leave, you will never stop.

I do not think abusers can be reformed, that being abusers in any form of the word.  I think it is easy to say, “I’m sorry,” and fall into that pattern again.  Because, really, that is the pattern.  It might take awhile, but once the physical, psychological, emotional, sexual abuse has occurred, it will happen again.  Always.  And if it’s not me, it will be someone else.  Not everyone deserves a second chance.

From personal experience, this is how it really cycles

From personal experience, this is how it really cycles

3) There is common humanity in us.

At the most basic of levels, we are all the same.  We are all human, we are all people.  We all breathe the same air and enjoy the same sunlight.  From a convicted murderer to a small child to a lawyer to a doctor to a panhandler to a housewife, we are all human.


1) God never gives us more than we can handle

God does give some of us more than we can handle.  What we do when that happens is up to us.  The best thing is to find more support, so that others can help you through what God is giving you.  I believe that is His intent.  If we stay alone, and it keeps being heaped upon us, disastrous things can happen.  Suicide, murder, all sorts of violence and loneliness, despair.

2)  Dogs don’t have souls

Really?  Look at me!

Really? Look at me!








3) You can never be too serious

It has taken me darn near an hour to crank this out.  I have very strong opinions and beliefs on certain matters, and sometimes it seems like these opinions and beliefs contradict each other in some shape or form.  I started out wanting to do just a little light take on The Daily Post’s prompt, but soon I found myself brooding and frowning at the computer.

And then Kizzie (pictured above) jumped way up over the armrest of the chair and landed splat on my belly.  She licked my face, pawed at my shirt, wanting me to know I should pet her.  All of the angst over this damn prompt went away.  I really can be too serious sometimes, and while at times it is to my benefit, at times it is not.

I wish I laughed more, smiled more.  I’ve tried to get into the habit of smiling at strangers and the results have been positive, but somewhat mixed.  It seems to depend where you’re doing the smiling.  Walking down the street, not so well, but in a grocery store or Walgreen’s seems to be a good bet.

In the interests of everyone’s attention span, I want to wrap this gobeldy-gook post up with a thank-you to my friend, Sheena at NotAPunkRocker for encouraging me to mess around a bit with images.  My thanks to you, m’dear as this was a great stress release.