Dog Comment and Quick Synopsis of Afternoon Events

I just found myself barking, “Kizzie!” as she was getting into the trash.  I read somewhere that it is a bad thing to scold a dog by using it’s name.  Both DSB and I do that all the time.  My mom does, too.  All of our dogs seem fine.  Or maybe I should start worrying about it, and worry it to death.  I’m pretty good at that.

I’m a little loopy, having taken my evening meds about three hours behind schedule and now just writing a bit in the hopes I can fall asleep.  Today has been a long and exceptionally  unpleasant day.

DSB has been fighting off many medical issues here lately.  I finally talked him into going into the hospital today, and it turns out that his ribs are bruised (from where he fell off the couch), and he has blood clots in his left leg AND in his right lung.  This is very serious and, after being in the ER from 1:30pm today until 7:15pm when they gave that diagnosis, I really thought they were going to tell him that his foot was broken (and that’s why he can’t walk) and that his ribs were bruised (and that’s why he can’t catch his breath and is in such pain).

Good thing we went to the hospital.  Good thing he finally listened to me and went to the hospital, is what I meant to say.  And now I’m going to bed, about two hours past my bedtime.  I hope this means I will sleep two hours later, but what it actually means is that I have now officially gone off schedule and will probably suffer for it the next few days.

I just felt like I needed to get a word out into the blogosphere, I guess.