My Take on Batman at Christmastime

It seems it has been a wildly successful Nano Poblano (or NaBloPoMo) 2014 for many of my blog friends, and I am happy about that.  I had joined up but only ended up cranking out a handful of posts due to complications, mostly with brain fog and inability to concentrate, some writer’s block.  November was not my month, but 2014 has somewhat been crap for me all together.  It makes me sad that I didn’t participate more, but I apparently didn’t have it in me.  Still am feeling pretty rough, really, but I was tagged in a blog hop a few (possibly several?) days ago by a good friend, and I wanted to put that to bed before Nano Poblano ended.

Sheena from Not A Punk Rocker tagged me in the Holiday Blog Hop, wherein the tagee answers questions about the tagger’s favorite holiday of the moment.  For anyone who reads NAPR even semi-regularly, it should come as no surprise that I will be answering questions about none other than:


1) Have you seen all of the Batman movies?  Which is your favorite movie and why?  Which actor is your favorite Batman, is it the same as the one in your favorite movie?

I am pretty sure my favorite Batman movie was the one I saw today with Hugh Grant.  Since I don’t know much about Batman, I decided to do a little research on Netflix and was very excited that there was a Batman Christmas/Romance featuring all Brits.  Very exciting!  There were many comic book characters in the movie, but they were all in their human roles.  Apparently no one is wiser than me, picking up on this.  I’ll point out a few of my favorites below:

untitled (2)

This aging crooner is obviously Flash, you know, the guy with the lightning bolt? Same hair, same complexion.



images (3)

Martha Stewart obvs….I mean, everyone KNOWS she started from a comic book, right?




(no explanation needed)

My apologies to all Batman-fans out there.  You’re right…I watched “Love Actually” (my almost favorite Christmas movie) instead of watching Batman, Green Lantern, and trying to figure out who the Wayne family consists of.  I’ve done about all I can do to make a little spoof… it is silly that I know so very little about a topic that is so easily accessible.

Any tips on learning more about these masked men will be taken into consideration, i.e. movie recommendations welcome.  🙂


Beloved Glitchiness

Premise:  Think about an object, an activity, or a cultural phenomenon you really don’t like.  Now tell us why it’s the BEST thing ever.

The wonderful world of electronics has evolved, re-evolved, and is NOW better than ever.

Let’s take the cell phone.  Remember when cell phones required a large suitcase in order to connect?  And how, usually, the call would ring through?  Instead, we now have iPhones and smart phones.  There are these things called “apps” that seem to be everywhere, including on Windows 8.  That sure was a good idea, Windows!  Anyone who is anyone knows how to use every app imaginable and it is super-good on the eyes to stare at a phone all day, playing CandyCrush or watching the latest movie or checking the stock market.

Another word about smart phones — don’t they make for the clearest connection ever?  I mean, I haven’t had a dropped call in almost ten years!  And the quality of the connection is always well above-board.  That commercial where the Verizon guy asks, “can you hear me now?” as he wanders the globe was NOT KIDDING when he affirmed that, yes, he was heard now.

Moving on to the home.  It is now necessary to have a universal remote to power all of  your devices.  Look!  Minimizing remotes is such a great idea, I wish they had thought of this years ago.  Now, when you punch the wrong input button and can’t seem to get your digital antennae working, you get some great exercise from all the screaming and stomping around your house this entails.

Apparently, also, after being dropped, these nifty little inventions are smart enough to request that they be reprogrammed to work with your electronics again.  They don’t tell you that though — that would diminish your own sense of importance.  Electronics are made to make YOU feel smarter.  You, yes you, can Google.  Once you find the website that tells you how to program your remote, it of course requests that you flip through the user manual that was not included in the original packaging, to find a specific code with which you would program your remote.

Windows 8 — you are the loveliest piece of software I have ever known.  I love not being able to find my desktop and having to search through apps in order to put a post up on WP.  Isn’t there an app for that?  An app for finding apps?  I’m sure, if not, one will be created soon.  Maybe ask your computer, Ms. Windows 8, and if you can find the help section, you just might be able to type in the winning question.  All of these brain exercises are given to you totally FREE from Microsoft, God love ’em.

I could go on, but my computer just told me it is necessary to restart in order not to lose my data.  Not that it ever WOULD lose my data, because everything I own is so smartly stored on the WWW on the oh-so-user friendly Google Drive.

And yep, I think there’s an app for that.