Happy Six-Month Birthday, Little Nephew

O —

You turned six months old yesterday and, even though it is cliched, wowza has the time flown!

Perhaps my most dear and precious memory of you is holding you the day after you were born.  You were so tiny, so perfect, and you slept quietly in my arms.  You, in fact, slept for so long that my arm fell asleep from holding you in position and your Grandma had to come rescue you before I dropped you on the floor.

I had not felt as much happiness as I did on that day before or ever since.  The second other happiest time was your mom and dad getting married.  I can still get teary about that.  Your mom, my sister, has brought so much joy into my world just by being herself and living her life, I don’t think she even realizes it.

Your mom keeps me updated with pictures and each one brings about in me an intense longing to be where  you are, wherever you are.  It breaks my heart now, that I haven’t been there for more of those memories.  You’re eating squash and you have your first tooth.  I can see in pictures that you’re going to be crawling any moment.

I think you don’t realize how fast a baby will grow.  Your mom even has you on a sort-of schedule now, and I think she is getting tiny bits of rest here and there.  You know her, though — there is always more she wants to be doing.  She has hit the trail of parenthood running, and I knew it wouldn’t be any other way.

I know you don’t realize it yet, but you are growing up in a great family of love.  Oh, there are so many people that love you, Mr. O.  It kills your grandma that she hasn’t been able to make it back for a couple of months and this whole time I have been sick, one of the main things I think of is that I need to get  better so I can come see you.  And you also have other grandparents, and aunts, and cousins.  They all love you so much and can’t wait to see you more often.

It isn’t easy taking care of a baby, or so it seems, but I want you to know that your mom is doing a bang-up job.  I  have never seen someone more coordinated, more competent, with so much love for you.  No matter what, you’ll always have your mom.  When  you get old enough, make sure she gets the edible peanut butter play dough recipe from Grandma.  There is nothing better.

I write this with tears in my eyes: because I am so happy you are a baby in existence on this Earth, that I can lay special Auntie Rose claim to, and because I wish circumstances were different and I got to see you grow up more.  Just know, Auntie Rose will always be there for you, no matter the time, the day, the event.  I will do my best to be a good aunt for you, Mr. O.  I love you dearly.


Auntie Rose


My Mom Saves My Life Everyday

I have sat pondering this blank template for some time now.  I want to write about my mom, and how awesome she is, but I don’t know what to say.  On my darkest day, I can always reach out and find her.  Or she finds me first.  Things have been a little bit more than rough lately, and she has been there for me every step of the way, nudging me along, dragging me through.  My mom can always be counted on to drag you through.

When I feel my worst, I call Mom.  We don’t always talk about how I’m feeling, but she tells me what missions she is working on and a funny story and an I love you and it just makes me feel better.  Not great, but better.  I know that she wishes all the bad feelings and thoughts would just go away, but her magic wand has been in the repair shop and it has been a long time since I scraped my knee and she decorated a plain band-aid with a pen, making it all better.  I wish times were like that now.

I can remember being little and Mom drawing this crazy bird.  I hope she remembers.  It makes me smile just to think of it.  She was always doing little things to let my sister and I know that she loved us like crazy.  I don’t know that I’ve ever had a moment when I thought my mom didn’t love me, or that she would abandon me, or that she would let anything bad happen to me.  She has always just been there.  Always, always, always.

Mom intuitively knows what will bring happiness to a person.  She gave me two bathmats, some plastic suction sticker things for my shower, and a new shower curtain today, because she was helping me get my house in order yesterday and noticed that mine were in a sad state of disrepair.  That doesn’t seem like much, but it means everything.  She knew without me saying.  She just knows things.

One of my worst traits is that I am a poor housekeeper, and one of my mom’s better traits is that she can get anything clean and neat and tidy and homey.  She came over yesterday and tackled several rooms, with me barely helping, with me mostly cleaning my kitchen or doing laundry, with me saying I can’t physically do something and her just jumping to the task.  The house looks so much better and it brings me such a sense of relief.  I know her goal was to help me find that relief.  And she did.  A million times over.  I wish I had taken a bigger role, helped more…my mind was not in it, but I know I will make it up to her.  She has done that kind of thing numerous times throughout the course of my life.

I remember living in a crap apartment right out of college, and not even having most of my boxes unpacked.  And Mom and the Big Dawg coming to visit.  And Mom having that crap apartment unpacked, looking cute and homey and clean in no time.  It’s just something she does.  She just has a way.  I envy her tremendously for it.

My mom is many other things, and this post is not doing her justice.  She is perhaps the smartest person I know, and I know a lot of smart people!  She always has her sense of humor and she works tirelessly to help her friends (and strangers!).  I can honestly say that my mom is my best friend and she is just.always.there.for.me.  Always.