Come Meet the Infamous QoB

My mom, Queen of Bisquits, Queen of DaNile, whatever you want to call her, has graciously agreed to “guest post” tonight.  Has been a bit of a trying day and she has always been a giver, this time being giving me a little time to decompress.  Without further ado…

As a guest, first We say gracias, elder Mija. As a blogger… well, for QofD ‘tis been done for years, rarely in the public eye.

Funny, it is, how the older one gets the less and more angst fills one’s world. Ya know… that tiny little space in the continuum one calls “life.” How different one’s own perspective is, let alone seeing it in different eyes as the cycle goes forward.

Spent a day, today, first Pricillatating (yes, that’s a word) a necessary trip to the local homebigbox place to score schtuff for the store, and elsewhere. Then stopping in a parking lot, realizing one’s beloveds from a different time span were linking up with a “grandpa,” who was never much of one. Realizing if SOMEONE didn’t make this prettier, ‘twould perhaps not be very pretty for the young eyes of youth.

It went well. ‘twas chaos, in a good, though confined way. On toward reality of the day… what was really supposed to be happening, rather than a hella long sidetrack. Small children who used to be terrified of dogs greeted three of my dogfamily, with joy. All of them (dogs) much bigger than the “kids.”

Noticed, the one child seemed so much like a younger child once known very.darned.well. His father. Heartbreakingly similar. Really? How can lack of environment still have those same looks, twitches, and compassion?

By end of day, we’d fed goats tortilla chips, caught snails from the aquarium to send back with small boys, cooked some hella good “birthday” supper for the birthday boy… who had a “cold” and couldn’t participate much. Ehh, a tired old story that gets re-told. Over, and over, and over again.

The bestest part of this day was spent with my Rosa, today’s hostess with the mostest. We always can talk, and talk, and sooner or later maybe figure out world peace… or not.

After day is almost done, ‘twas a good day. Fraught with small boys, too cold the weather to be outside, and the yearning to have more time with their beloved momma who I think of as a true friend. It makes me think of time spent, with all… and wonder how life keeps up this constant churn and turn.

At end of day, I wonder… was I a good friend? A good mother? Am I still a good mother? Can I be a halfassed good grandma? Have I DONE enough with my life to put a small piece of it forward?

Funny, how we all seem to have such angst at living our lives. Coulda’ Shoulda’ stinkin’ thoughts. If I had one wish, I’d wish away the second-guessing many of us live with.

At end of day, ‘tis best to be very thankful for life. We choose to live it. We have the ability to embrace it, and just call it good. ‘til tomorrow. Then we’re given another chance to try again. Therein lies the way of way of a more peaceful existence… as one gets older, ‘tis hella easier to say it was a good day.