The Five Senses

Reverb13 prompt for Day Fifteen is as follows:

Give us a sensory tour of 2013. How would you describe the year that’s passing in terms of:  Sight?  Sound?  Smell?  Taste?  Touch?

Sight:  Kizzie and Rascal playing, DSB smiling back at me, Mom giving me the evil eye, more minnows and goldfish than can be counted, delicate orchids given with love, leeca balls

Sound:  bark bark bark!, laughing around the table with DSB and Mom, DSB and I having our endless talks, the basement filling up with water for the third time, enjoying surround sound

Smell:  pine and eucalyptus while Mom makes Christmas swags for the doors, the lack of scent due to DSB not being able to tolerate my Scentsy warmers, my favorite new dishsoap

Taste:  chicken pho, nicotine lozenges, disappointment

Touch:  DSB’s roughened hands in mine, pet pet pet the pups, dishwater hands