Building Rome: Get Happy

Green Embers’ Building Rome theme this week could not have come at a better time.  This week’s theme is:


And yes, I really did feel it was that important that I screamed that at you.  Sorry for any ringing eardrums.  🙂

So, anyone who reads this blog knows I’ve had some major “setbacks” lately and have even blogged about the incredible sadness and loneliness I have been feeling, that have been created by said roadblocks.

After some discussion with the ever-so-wise QoB, my unhappiness problem can be eased by three things, which are going to be this week’s goals:

1) Get out of the house at least once a day.   Even if it’s just to sit out on the back patio or get in the mini-pool or drive down to BP and put gas in the car.  I think this goal is particularly important because it causes one to have to shower and dress, which are altogether motivating in themselves, which leads me to my next goal.

2) No matter what I am doing that day, be dressed, showered, and ready to walk out the door at a moment’s notice by 11:00AM.  I mean, this probably sounds pretty easy to most people, but it just isn’t for me.  Not when I’m feeling bad.  But what I do know from experience is that it DOES work.  Doing all of that gets you motivated to do more stuff, and doing that stuff motivates you to do even more.

3) Stop isolating.  Now.  This could probably go along with number one, but is really is distinctively different.  People are seeking out my company, and I am sometimes saying “no,” all the while whining that I am so lonely.  I do have opportunities to get out, but I am not going because I feel like I’m not good company, because I worry what to talk about, I worry what people are going to think of me.  I just worry.  I have let this problem overcome me before, and I literally turned into a hermit.  Not happening again.

My Do-or-Die Goals:

1) Take care of all  Kizzie’s needs, including play with Kizzie every day for at least 30 minutes.   It amazes me how much happier and relaxed Kizzie is now that Rascal is gone.  She definitely is loving having more time with me and I am (I think) doing a good job at taking care of her.  We have been playing a lot and she’s back to sleeping in the middle of the bed.  🙂

2) Hygiene/Self-Care.  Satisfactory.

3) Take all medications as prescribed.  I sucked.  I’m working on it now.  That is all.

4) Eat healthfully.  Still on a very carb/protein diet.  Not sure that’s quite healthy, but it’s the only thing that keeps my tummy happy.


Last Week’s Goals:

1) Continuing to read two hours every day.  Doing it and LOVING it!

2) Ask some friends for feedback about lack of blogging.  Asked, answered, and advice put into effect.

3) Start reducing cigarettes smoked in an attempt to quit which will be upcoming.  Day One was today and I did not meet my exact goal, but I did pretty darn good.  Hopefully Day Two will be easier.

Building Rome — In Which We All Turn into Butterflies

The theme for this week’s Building Rome is metamorphosis.  Building Rome is a blog series put together by Green Embers that helps one work on short-term goals, which would then lead you to long-term goals.  The emphasis here, however is short.  Tiny.  Little.  ACHIEVABLE.

For the first month, the only goals I have set that I have actually met have been my Top Four Always.  Now that June’s over and I seem to have a pretty good handle on those, I’m going to try and break down the goals I had been using even further.  I’m hoping for the smaller the goal, the greater chance of success.


This upcoming week, I am going to do my best to commit to:

1) Be more active with Kizzie.  It has become quite obvious after four weeks, that this dog still has not had a walk.  I think maybe I’m not meeting her at the right level.  I plan to devote 30 minutes each day, no matter what, to play-time.

2) Get the back room straightened out.  It has been DSB-ified, but I would really like to get a computer going back there so I can move mine out of my dining room.  I would also like for that computer to stream Netflix, if at all possible.  I have shows to watch, people!  I also think that getting this taken care of with minimal help will be a good self-esteem booster.

3) Cook a nice meal for the Big Dawg while Mom is out of town.  Granted, this has been Mission Impossible lately as I have been living on clear fluids and Ramen noodles and have been a bit on the contagious side, but my dad keeps mentioning mini-meatloaves and cheezy potatoes, his favorites out of all the things I cook.  It really wouldn’t take a lot for me to throw a big batch together, and Mom can even freeze some of them.


Last week, I had planned to:

1) Get out of the house twice this week.  And I did!  Both to doctor’s appointments!

2) Play in my pool every day.  That pool has been cold and I have been sick.  I did get in there yesterday (or maybe day before), and it was QUITE refreshing.

3) Find a magazine or two I can flip through.  Done deal, thanks to Dad!

4) Walk Kizzie every day.  Gah!  I don’t even want to talk about it!