Slow (But Not Silent) Sunday

Back in the midst of NaBloPoMo, I did a “Silent Sunday” post and put up pictures of my pup.  It was well received, because, hey, who doesn’t love cute puppy pics.  My intent was that every Sunday, I would put up pictures that I personally  had taken of well, whatever.  It just seemed like an easy Sunday thing to do, because I try not to work too hard at anything on Sundays.

It turns out that even the nicest digital camera won’t bring out great images if you just point and click on the auto setting, or at least mine won’t.  I have bloggie friends who are great photographers, using even greater equipment, and I honestly would buy a many of their prints if they were selling.  They have an eye.  I have another friend that claims to just have a cheapie digital camera that she uses on auto, and she takes amazing photos.  What is a girl to do?  I decided something last Sunday that I’m just now up to admitting this Sunday:

I can’t take pictures, decent pictures, pictures that are blog-worthy, with the skills and equipment I currently have.  And I don’t know that I will ever be able to, because I really just don’t have that eye.  I can greatly appreciate what others do with their cameras, but I don’t think I have it in me to do it myself.  So, there will be no further Silent Sundays.  Period.

And while we’re on that track, let me remind myself that my mother pointed out to me when I started this silly “Silent Sunday” and “Thoughtful Tuesday” thing, that something worth writing might really come about on one of those days, and then what?  Am I pigeonholed into putting up my thoughtful quote or my terribly-taken picture?  The answer to that was to get snappy with her and I don’t remember what else, but the bottom line is that I really didn’t know.

And now I know.  I’ve already cranked out a blog post, earlier this morning, and here we are 2:15pm and I’m doing another one.  It’s like my thoughts can’t get out fast enough.  I worry I’m talking too much, which I tend to do.  And then I remember…Rosa, this blog is for YOU.

And Rosa doesn’t care if Rosa talks to much.  The issue at hand is that Rosa is lonely, yet chatty, and is putting off a few projects.  Rosa would really like someone to come over for tea and butter cookies, but there is no “someone” to call.  DSB is otherwise engaged, and Sundays are the days that Big Dawg and QoB spend together.  I’ve talked to my dad on the phone, and while he’s in a great mood, it is also my stepmom’s day off and they are few and far between.

So, no one really to call to speak of.  Just thought I’d put a shout-out to the future Rosa here on the interwebitudes and remind her that Sundays are slow.  And when Sundays are slow, Rosa needs to plan more activities.  And not plan awful activities like sorting through last years clothes and trying to figure out what still fits and what doesn’t.  And making piles to donate.  And feeling fat because some stuff doesn’t fit anymore.

It’s not really a task you should do by yourself, which is why I’m here blogging again, reminding myself to pre-book next Sunday with something fun.  Something fun and something to do with other people.  Sometimes I get peopled out, but this is not one of those times.

Son-of-a-Bisquit-Eater & Thoughtful Tuesdays

I am not very happy with myself right now.  I have had a small relapse in the quitting smoking realm.  I find that the mornings are especially hard, when I am trying to wake up.  I gave in to temptation this morning and have had a couple of cigarettes.  I am trying to tell myself that a few cigarettes in 24 hour’s time is a big deal, and I need to give myself credit for that.   Unfortunately, I know that relapsing is a big deal and I feel like a failure.

I don’t know why I did it, other than that the cigarettes were available.  I think, had they not been, I would have pushed through it.  That might be an excuse, but it’s what I’m working with right now.  It is really hard for DSB to be smoking and me to be stopping.  He has been going outside, but the cigarettes are STILL AROUND and it is driving me crazy.

I need to work on developing some healthy habits that not smoking can center around.  I want to get out and take a walk, but my knee right now is keeping me from doing that.  I am getting ready to do a bunch of dishes and clean up my kitchen, which is how I made it through last night, but how clean can you get a kitchen before you’re done?

On a somewhat-related note, DSB has agreed to do the floors, as long as I can get the kitchen spotless.  That is a BFD in this household and, being as it is the chore I hate the most, a huge relief to me.  All that talking I did yesterday, when I thought I was talking to a wall, obviously got through.  I also think he was feeling guilty because he has done nothing but sit on his butt for the last several days.

I must say, I have had fun with NaBloPoMo, but I will be somewhat relieved when it is over.  There have been days where I have really not felt like blogging, but did so anyway.  Character building, right?  That’s how I’m looking at it.  So far, I haven’t missed a day and don’t intend to now.  In  honor of Thoughtful Tuesdays, I leave you with this: