Eating Seven Weird Things


Welcome to Mental Mama’s brainchild, wherein we discuss weird things about ourselves for seven weeks, starting today.  This week’s topic is about the weird food you like.  I think this is made for discussing one food, but how much can you say about just one?  Because I love food (and a nice, list blog post), I’m sticking with the number seven.

1) Putting plain potato chips inside a sandwich.  Let me tell ya, don’t knock it ’till you try it.  I will (but don’t always) do this with any sandwich, from a turkey on wheat to a PB&J.


Makes me want sandwiches for dinner!

2) Spam salad.  Ok, now I’m off on a sandwich kick, but I really like Spam salad on crackers.  Take your Spam, mush it up, add sweet relish and mayo.  Easy AND cheap.


3) Sardines or mackerel on crackers.  Crunch, crunch baby!  That’s a bunch of extra calcium for you and I!

Sardines 097

4) Fried and then chocolatized crickets.  Now I don’t obviously get around to this often, but we made them (more than once) science class in middle school.  Pretty tasty and high in protein!


5)  Fried crappie eggs.  They take some getting used to, but it’s the caviar of the midwest!

images (3)

6) Mountain oysters.  Picture a big party with these after they pick and “select” which bulls will be breeders and which won’t.


7) Kimchi, basically pickled cabbage.  Of Asian origin.  Stinks to high heaven, but is  pretty tasty, if you consider it an acquired taste.  My brother-in-law eats this stuff by the jar.