Ten Things of Thankful: Blessings Beyond Measure

It has been such a long time since I have written a “Ten Things of Thankful” post.  I was a bit worried the group had broken up, but it makes my heart happy to find that the same core group exists, and they even have their own webpage now (which you can access by clicking the above link).

Someone once said that there are so many flowers at a funeral is because people have more regret and guilt in their hearts than gratitude.  I don’t believe that is true, but I do believe that people, in general, including myself, specifically, don’t always access their gratitude to the same degree that guilt and regret can be at the forefront of the mind.  To make things even more complex, there are some circumstances or people or events or states of being that people feel both regret or guilt for, yet are intensely thankful for this particular item in their life.

One of the often-mentioned “thing of thankfulness” is a person.  I know I am incredibly grateful for the different people in my life, but I also have great amounts of regret and guilt about how, perhaps, I have handled some of the situations I have found myself in with certain people.  It follows that my feelings towards some people are a mixed bag, just as my feelings toward certain events are mixed, are a sort of paradox.  How dialectical, right?  (Ok, Ms. DBT, we get it!)

In no particular order, I am currently, at this moment, crushingly grateful (and sometimes regretful of certain bits) for:


LarBear continues to be my daily rock.  Sometimes we disagree, sometimes we even have harsh words with each other, but we always come back together, stronger than ever.  We don’t ever let an argument or disagreement last very long, and we are both keen to point out to the other just how much we love each other, just how good we are together in so many ways, and how any negativity that might exist between us is always overcome by a sincere appreciation for the love and caring that we have for each other.  I had to kiss many frogs (toads, even) to meet my prince, and I don’t think my life would feel complete without him in it.


There are the obvious people in life that I am thankful for, namely those people making up my inner circle (when added to LarBear).  I have to say that I am happy with the relationship I have with QoB and Mikey Mike, moreso than ever before.  I feel like we all understand each other better than at any other moment in time, and also feel like I have been able (with some prodding) to step out more into my own life and not rely so heavily on them, but know that they are still available, and still right there.  My  dad is also a great support, and is often “the one” who gets selected to talk me off the ledge, if you will.  He can, at times, insert such compassion and common sense and reason into a conversation, that he can truly set my many anxieties aside.


My sister, Ab…wow, I am just so proud of her, for the great mom that she is, for the amazing things she has done with her life, for her accomplishments professionally and personally, but mostly I am proud of her because we have worked and worked at building a relationship and I feel like we are really getting there.  She is teaching me things about life that I never knew, never appreciated, and I would like to think that she is realizing the things that I have to give to the relationship that are of value.  I am very thankful for my network of online friends.  While there is only one or two people that I “speak” with on a regular basis, it seems that I can return to these relationships after months of being “gone” and things can be picked right back up.


My mental health treatment team is pretty amazing, and I was lucky enough to be in touch with Goddess of Mindfulness lately, and that just made me realize how far I have come in so many different areas.


I haven’t been in the crisis center or the hospital for just over one year now, with my last stay being in April of 2016.  There have been several times when nurses, therapists, family have wanted me to go, but I have (stubbornly) resisted and here I am, still standing and doing pretty darn well.


My jewelry is starting take off at the gallery, after nearly a year of it just kind of sitting there.  I am getting better at my craft, and taking more pleasure from it.  Like my original art therapist said, take pleasure in the process and everything else will fall into place.


I have managed to get into an exercise and nutritional plan that works for me.  There have been tweaks along the way, but I am seeing some success and I am staying away (for the most part) from any eating disordered behavior, and I haven’t been able to say that for ages.


I have found a new friend, and she has introduced me to a new church.  I am taking things slowly, but it feels good to be back in a church and I really am enjoying the people in this particular place.


Kizzie and Lucy continue to keep on keeping on, even though now they are considered to be something of “senior” dogs.  They still play and want snuggles and pets and pretty words and treats, and I plan to just keep enjoying every moment we have with them.


Last, but certainly not least…I have a new niece!  Miss Adelaide Louise was born to my sister and her husband earlier this month and she is sweeter than sweetness itself.  More to come about her and my nephew, Oscar, who is now THE big brother!

15 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful: Blessings Beyond Measure

  1. It sounds like you have a great deal for which you can be grateful! I’m feeling a bit frayed, myself. I don’t know whether it’s the heavy pollen that make breathing difficult, or I’m just tired. It’s time for ME to make some changes, but I’m not quite sure what or how. Yet. Time will show me. Meanwhile, congratulations! You are doing wonderfully well!

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  2. Hi! I am happy to meet you, and am so delighted that you’ve decided to return to and join us at the TToT blog this week! You are so right that there are often things and people in our lives that we feel a mixture of guilt and gratitude for. Looking back, I am now thankful for those people and experiences that weren’t very pleasant at the time, or that I didn’t handle well, because in the long run they helped me grow and understand, and become the person I am now. Life is full of lessons.

    It sounds like you have a really good relationship with LarBear, realizing that even when you disagree, your love for each other is stronger and brings you quickly back together. My husband and I have a rule about never parting or going to bed angry, we make sure things are talked out first if need be. I married a few toads before meeting my beloved Papa Bear, so I can relate to you also cherishing the best one last, when we really appreciate them!

    You also have great friends and family for support and that can make all the difference at times when life is difficult. I smiled at you building an improved relationship with your sister, because I’ve done that in the past year too, and it feels really good!

    I like the positive report on dealing with mental health issues, that’s just not easy, and you have much to be proud of that you are in a better place now and headed in a good direction. Kudos for the healthy diet and fantastic weight loss too, that has to make you feel great!!

    I think jewelry making would be a really fun creative outlet if I had that kind of talent. Mine would surely look like Kindergarten craft. 🙂 It’s awesome that you can make beautiful things that people are interested in! Creativity is such a wonderful stress outlet!

    It sounds like the new church might be the perfect comfortable place where you can become involved and feel welcome. A positive place to gather with others is a blessing!

    I love that you have furkids too, and ones you’ve had for awhile too, they are the very best friends of all, non-judgemental, always loving and forgiving, and so sweet to cuddle.

    It’s been a pleasure to get to know a little bit about you here, and I’ll look forward to seeing you at TToT again in the future! Thank you for joining in!

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  3. Welcome back to TToT. I am a relative newbie to the linkup! Good to hear that your jewellery is doing well and that you’ve found exercise/nutrition which work for you. These things are so individual so we have to do what works for us 🙂


  4. I like the advice your art therapist gave you. Enjoy the process and everything else will fall into place. Like life, I think. Glad to see you here.


  5. I keyed on the same thing as Valeria did, the business of focusing on the process, rather than the product. Easier said than done, yo. lol But when I do, it’s like, I think, why do you keep forgetting this very simple approach.
    Always good to see people return (after some time off) to the TToT, it is still here, in part, due to the fact that it has such welcoming people writing posts and comments and such.


    • I agree, people keep coming back to this linkup because of the friendly people and welcoming vibe to it. I actually remember one of my first TToT posts and you, among several others, came by to say hello and comment. That was really nice, and I see it is still happening. It makes all the difference!


  6. Congratulations on the success of your jewelry gallery and al for getting into an exercise and nutrition plan that works for you.
    Having a new friend and church where you feel comfortable is nice too.
    Being around a sweet little baby girl is surely sweetness at its best!


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