I Just Want Your Time



My DSB is finally home.  He actually came home yesterday.  He’s not fixed, but he’s better.  And he’s a little better today than he was yesterday.  Hopefully that trend continues.

Being without my normal DSB time this past week has really thrown me off.  I didn’t sleep.  My eating was more messed up than normal.  I took more PRN’s than usual.  I didn’t feel myself.

DSB and I make it a point to connect, spend time together, be together, be in the same room as each other as much as possible.  Depending on when we wake up and go to bed, even on the days I work and have appointments and other stuff going on, we probably get five or six hours of face time every day.  Maybe more.

I thought that was normal.  I did some asking around, and it’s not.

And it made me realize that DSB and I are not normal.  Of course, we  have the benefit of me working part-time and DSB working when he has a project to do.  It’s like, by being on disability, we are rewarded by having more time for each other.  I don’t know what it would be like if we both worked full-time.

Wait, yes I do.  I’d be crazy and DSB would be in traction, hooked up to oxygen and a heart monitor.

Whatever the reasons are, any amount of time you can spend with your significant other is worthwhile time.  I don’t think it even particularly matters what you’re doing.  Get that face time in, even if you can only manage an hour.  When you don’t, things can get out of whack in a hurry.

When DSB and I first got together, I was in a habit of being very selfish and never making time to spend together.  One day, he played me this song, and he said, “Rose, this is what I’ve been trying to say.”  And I got it, just like that.




9 thoughts on “I Just Want Your Time

  1. Great post. I can so feel the love. Maurice and I use to work different shifts and never saw enough of each other. That changed once I got on disability. We’ve got to get something good out of it, right?

    Great song. Never heard it before.


  2. Garry became unemployed and me disabled in 2001. Since then, I’ve been sick a lot, worked (or tried to work) occasionally — finally gave in. Now I’m not only sick, but old. We are poor as dirt. But we have time. We are together most of the day, every day. When we were working, we barely saw each other. We are poor, but our time is priceless.

    How great you realize what a blessing it is to just be together. May your health — both of you — improve and your time never end 🙂


  3. Josh and I don’t have quite that much time together during the week, but we definitely make time. Unless there’s something really pressing that needs tending to, the time between when I get home from work (he gets home just a little earlier most days) and when I need to start dinner, we just hang out and talk. After dinner we all sit and watch tv in the living room, again, unless I have homework that needs doing or something else urgent, and then at 8 I turn off all the electronics and we spend time in bed just talking for at least an hour. Without those times I would definitely be less than functional.

    I’m glad DSB is home and doing better and that you’re feeling better because of it. 🙂


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