My Take on Batman at Christmastime

It seems it has been a wildly successful Nano Poblano (or NaBloPoMo) 2014 for many of my blog friends, and I am happy about that.  I had joined up but only ended up cranking out a handful of posts due to complications, mostly with brain fog and inability to concentrate, some writer’s block.  November was not my month, but 2014 has somewhat been crap for me all together.  It makes me sad that I didn’t participate more, but I apparently didn’t have it in me.  Still am feeling pretty rough, really, but I was tagged in a blog hop a few (possibly several?) days ago by a good friend, and I wanted to put that to bed before Nano Poblano ended.

Sheena from Not A Punk Rocker tagged me in the Holiday Blog Hop, wherein the tagee answers questions about the tagger’s favorite holiday of the moment.  For anyone who reads NAPR even semi-regularly, it should come as no surprise that I will be answering questions about none other than:


1) Have you seen all of the Batman movies?  Which is your favorite movie and why?  Which actor is your favorite Batman, is it the same as the one in your favorite movie?

I am pretty sure my favorite Batman movie was the one I saw today with Hugh Grant.  Since I don’t know much about Batman, I decided to do a little research on Netflix and was very excited that there was a Batman Christmas/Romance featuring all Brits.  Very exciting!  There were many comic book characters in the movie, but they were all in their human roles.  Apparently no one is wiser than me, picking up on this.  I’ll point out a few of my favorites below:

untitled (2)

This aging crooner is obviously Flash, you know, the guy with the lightning bolt? Same hair, same complexion.



images (3)

Martha Stewart obvs….I mean, everyone KNOWS she started from a comic book, right?




(no explanation needed)

My apologies to all Batman-fans out there.  You’re right…I watched “Love Actually” (my almost favorite Christmas movie) instead of watching Batman, Green Lantern, and trying to figure out who the Wayne family consists of.  I’ve done about all I can do to make a little spoof… it is silly that I know so very little about a topic that is so easily accessible.

Any tips on learning more about these masked men will be taken into consideration, i.e. movie recommendations welcome.  🙂


11 thoughts on “My Take on Batman at Christmastime

  1. I’m surprised you managed to avoid Batman all these years. Batman Begins ( is a pretty good place to start, if you are in the mood. I didn’t even know that there was any such thing as a “Batman Day.” I grew up reading DC comics, so Superman and Batman were old friends from childhood. Pretty much everyone in my generation read comic books … though most people were either fans of DC (Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, et al) or Marvel (Spiderman, Hulk, et al). I was definitely DC. Marvel heroes had too much angst for my taste. I preferred my heroes heroic, not miserable … but I enjoy the movies. They are totally escapist, require zero brain usage, and they are mostly pretty well done. Good to hear from you! For whatever reason, I’m always happy to know you are there.


    • See, I knew there was a DC v. Marvel thing going on, but didn’t really get it. I’m thinking it makes more sense now that I have read some of these comments. I might be up for “Batman Begins” at some point. I guess these heroes just never came into my life for whatever reason; not sure what the deal is with that. But ya know, I am a fan of totally escapist requiring zero brain usage. Thinking all the time is TIRING. :). And it is always good to see you here or over at good ol teepee12. I’m going to try and find a lot of prompts I like so that I can be more motivated to try and write. Even a few quick paragraphs is better than none, as you say!!!


  2. Love Actually is one of my all time favorite feel good will watch it again and again I don’t care what the guys say hey will you watch it with me again over popcorn, chips, chocolate covered raisins!


  3. I’ll confess to not having seen any Batman movies myself, and I don’t have any real desire to.

    I just have to say that apparently my brain was not fully functional when I first glanced at your post because I read the title as “Take on Batman at Christmas.” I was picturing you strangling him with a strand of Christmas tree lights or something. 🙂


    • Ahhh that is hilarious! There ARE some people I can think of that I would like to string up with Christmas lights but poor Batman is not among them. I don’t know if I will ever watch a Batman movie or not. My “to-watch” list is almost undoable at this point!


  4. Have I said how much I love “Love Actually”?


    Kudos for you for twisting this around, smart-ass style. Just like I would 🙂


  5. My favorite is the 1989 Batman movie starring Michael Keeton as Bruce Wayne. I was surprised I liked Keeton in that role, but he did great.

    I’m mostly a Marvel fan because DC comic characters are a bit too invincible (Superman, for example). Marvel has Spiderman, who I truly love. About the only DC character I enjoy is Batman.

    I think I’ve shown off a bit too much of my geekiness now


    • Totally ok to be a geek on this blog, I know nothing about comics but far too much about things like Antiques Roadshow and have I’m sure loads of other strangeness about me. 🙂


  6. Ahh… LOVE ACTUALLY… sigh =) GREAT movie… just adore it so much ! =) And Liam Neeson… gods, what a feast for our eyes and hearts… !!!!!!

    What did you think of Notting Hill ? For some reason, here in the den we got into the habit of watching them one after the other around the holidays… my foxling cannot get enough of Hugh Grant. =) And just to keep it interesting, throw on Brigit Jones afterward… Hugh again, this time with the amazing Colin Firth…

    And there goes my train of thought for the day… !!!!!!
    Have a lovely, Rosie !


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