Ten Things of Thankful

As I start this post, I have my fingers crossed that it will go as well as the one I did two weeks ago.  I had a record-high comment count for that day!  I think I’m getting the hang of photos and I’ve got all sorts of things to be grateful for, so let’s begin!

1) As mentioned above, I was blown away last time by all of the TToT team members comments. The bloggers who sponsor this link-up are amazing, and, when I did this two weeks ago, made me feel more welcomed in their space than I ever thought possible in a link-up.  That being said, they make an obvious choice to lead off Ten Things of Thankful.  I am thankful I found the linkup and I am thankful for the TToT team’s big welcome.

via Mohit Mago

via Mohit Mago


2)  Feeling a whole lot of thankful for our main employee (like, other than those in the fam) and my dad for saving my cookies on a big order today.  My back is feeling better, but I’m not up to hand-selecting 40 extra-large goldfish and dishing up 12 dozen minnows.  They must have sensed my panic when the guy placed his order, standing by the bait tanks.  I was able to pass the task off to them easily and go do what’s more my thing — bullshitting and ringing up happy customers.  😀

No, not that kind of goldfish.  Don't I wish!  As a sidenote, these are special goldfish crackers, that the blogger where this photo originated made into a recipe he calls pirhanna goldfish.  Go check them out, they look amazing!   (via http://thatdarneddad.com

No, not that kind of goldfish. Don’t I wish! As a side note, these are special recipe goldfish crackers, called piranha goldfish. Go check them out at That Darned Dad; the recipe looks delish and oh-so-easy!


3) Last TToT, I gave thanks for the ever useful, much needed hair tie.  Well, now I have to say I am ever so grateful for my hairbrush.  A lot like hair ties, when one loses their hairbrush, bad things can happen.  Try sleeping on wet-from-the-shower hair without brushing it first.  Good thing I had a hair tie (and a found hairbrush) the next morning!  Let’s just say it wasn’t pretty.

It was actually a little worse than this.  Picture hair about that big, but much more curly and frizzy. The originators of this picture actually have some good tips on how to repair frizziness.  Check them out here!

It was actually a little worse than this. Picture hair about that big, but much more curly and frizzy.
The originators of this picture actually have some good tips on how to repair frizziness. Check them out here!


4) My mom’s BFF, Glo.  She is an amazing woman, known best for her authentic Mexican cooking and looking perfectly dressed and accessorized for every occasion.  I’m actually not sure if I’ve ever seen her without earrings or at least some form of makeup on.  Glo has been taking me to church with her and helping me on my journey to perhaps become Catholic.  Glo is about the sweetest woman I’ve ever known.  She would do (and does) do anything for anyone.  I feel very blessed to have her in my life.  She is my mom’s best friend, and my good friend by proxy.

See more of these here

See more of these here


5) I am thankful that my friend and fellow blogger, Marilyn Armstrong, made it through serious cardiac surgery without much of a hitch and is now resting at home.  She can now hang out with her beloved dogs and amazing husband Garry Armstrong.  Marilyn has been a good bloggie friend to me now for months, commenting on my posts and exchanging emails.  She is one of the wisest women I know and I cherish our friendship.  In addition to friendship, her book, 12-Foot Teepee, sparked the desire to start getting in better touch with my God.  I am very thankful for Marilyn and am excited to see the day when we can email and chitchat back and forth again.

6) On a related note, I am very thankful that my friend has her husband, Garry Armstrong, to rely on while she is resting.  He was so very faithful to her blog while she was in the hospital, giving daily update posts.  Garry was a world-renowned TV news reporter back in his heyday, and you could see it come through in his posts.  He, of course, had to put aside his fears and worries as a  husband for a bit, and let all of Marilyn’s bloggie friends (and there are many) know how she was.  He is actually still making the posts and I know that Marilyn is leaning on him in her recovery.  He’s just an all-around good guy, as far as I can tell, and I enjoy the conversations I have with him as well.

7)  I am thankful for my parents’ dog, Miss Kitty, for putting Rascal’s fur shedding into perspective.  The only difference is that Miss Kitty lives outside, and Rascal is very much an inside pup.  While I still haven’t (and may never) get over the incessant shedding and continuous sweeping and vacuuming, I can take it as it comes and realize, as with most things, it could be worse.

I unfortunately don't have a picture of Rascal, but this one looks a lot like him.  He is a Lab/Pitt/Spaniel mix.  He sheds like a mother.

I unfortunately don’t have a picture of Rascal, but this one looks a lot like him. He is a Lab/Pitt/Spaniel mix. He sheds like a mother.


8) I am thankful for my mom loaning me her digital camera, after DSB broke mine.  I need to test it out, get it going, get used to it.  I was shocked to find I have no pictures of Rascal, and no current pictures of Kizzie.  This just will not do, because they will probably be gracing my TToT more than once.  Supposedly it’s just a point-and-shoot camera, and any idiot can use it.  We’ll see — I’ve never had much luck before.

This is just about exactly the camera I'll be working with.  Suggestions and tips and advice are welcome in the comments section or by email!

This is just about exactly the camera I’ll be working with. Suggestions and tips and advice are welcome in the comments section or by email!


9) I am thankful for DSB.  I am always thankful for DSB, actually, but I don’t always mention it.  When I hurt my back, he took one for the team several times and helped me out around the house.  He really isn’t doing very well medically, so that made it all the more special that he directed what little stamina or energy he does have into helping me.  We celebrated our two year anniversary on March 27th, and actually celebrated-celebrated last week, when we had a little extra money.  I bought him a filet knife, knife sharpener, and fishing license and made him banana pudding.  He didn’t buy a present, but gifts aren’t all material things.  He showed me, in his own way, how much he loves me.  I hope this is a love that is meant to last forever, I really do.  Sometimes I have doubts, but then we spend five hours together just talking and bullshitting and joking around, and those five hours feel like five minutes, and I think — how could this  NOT be the love of my life?





10) I am thankful to many blog friends out there, too many to name.  You consistently read and comment, you email, we chat back and forth in the comments section.  You know who you are and I want you to know that you mean the world to me.  I’ve never had friends before like I have friends now, and I never want to go back.  All of the connections I have made, the wonderful and witty and new and inspiring writing and thoughts I have been made privy to, the sense of community.  Love.  Love.  Love.

24 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful

  1. I just ran out of energy to do the TToT post today, I hope to get back into it next week if I can get ahead on the A-Z Challenge.

    I agree though, the group that is involved with TToT is wonderful. I need to explore more of their blogs too (Adds to “catch up” list).


    • Yes, they are quite awesome, and I also need to take a chance and get to reading their blogs, too. (also adding to my own “catch up” list) I give thanks to you, Miss Sheena, because you are the one that introduced me to this link-up!

      I missed it last week and was really disappointed I didn’t do it. It’s such a fun post to do, and I like playing around with all the pictures. 😀


  2. I’m so glad you enjoyed your first go-round with the TToT and decided to come back!
    It does look like you have the hang of adding photos. Nice work. 🙂
    Your #3 made me laugh. I normally shower in the morning, but one day this week I showered at night and went to bed with damp hair. My hair looked eerily similar to the photo. Mine is shorter, so it stuck up a bit higher, and it’s curlier, but just as disheveled to be sure. And I was on vacation without a brush. It was a very, very bad hair day.
    I’m happy to hear about #4. It’s so helpful to have someone to guide and help you when asking questions about religion and church and faith. I’ll pray that you get the answers you are looking for.
    Sounds like your friend Marilyn is surrounded by people who love her. That can only help in her recovery.
    Have a lovely rest of your weekend!


    • Thanks for coming by, Christine! I really love TToT and you guys hosting it do an awesome job!

      Yes, I can imagine no hairbrush on vacation would be a big problem. And the only thing they usually offer you off the “complimentary” list is a little black comb (you know, the kind your dad used to wear in his back pocket to tame his ‘do…lol).

      We went to Mass this morning and it was truly great. And then Glo took me out for a huge breakfast and I think a nap is in order at any time. She really is great.

      Hope you have a great weekend, too!


      • Ha! My dad never carried a comb, seeing as his hair is ridiculously tight curls. When I see a little black comb, I think school pictures. The photographer always has a stack of them.


  3. Well, I am so glad that you made it back this week. And with tons of goodness too!
    I’m still totally with you on the hairbrush and hair tie thing….I have long hair that I swear I’m chopping off almost daily but can’t seem to make myself do it. It gets unruly!
    I am happy that your friend is doing well and I hope she continues to improve.
    What a great friend you have (by proxy) in Glo. She sounds like a gem!
    I can relate on the dog hair front as well. I have a chocolate lab who lives in the house and I have never seen so much dog hair…in my life. Craziness…how is she not bald by now?
    I love #9! Sounds like forever love to me 🙂 and I hope it is.


    • Thanks for coming by, Sandy! Yes, I think I will keep coming back to TToT. I really felt disappointed when I missed it last week!

      I also swear almost daily that I’m going to chop my hair off, and I have spent more years having short hair than long, but the thought of chopping comes when I realize just how long it has taken to get it this long, and how nice it looks if I can just find my gosh durn hairbrush!

      I know what you mean about dog hair. I could have built three or four Rascals already with the hair I’ve taken up off the floor. It’s total insanity!

      Forever love! I sure do hope so!


  4. Im glad you came back too! It is nice to know you had a good experience as well…

    The fish thing…man… on a side note I checked out the pirhannas… they sound good!although i will never eat a bright orange thing again other than an orange… last thing you had before ya got sick sort of thing.

    Im like sandy … I keep toying with the idea of baldness…some friends across the country just shaved their heads for a CA support thing… I think I may need to do something like that and start again.

    I hope your buddy recovers well and rapidly… and what a great partner to pick up the slack despite the health issues…Love that it could be the love of yer life.

    I dont have a dog hair issue with a poodle… thank goodness.


    • Thanks for coming by, Zoe! Yes, I am loving TToT and hope to always be able to make room for it on Saturdays. I missed last week and was very disappointed I didn’t do it.

      I know what you mean about bright orange things. It took me almost three years to be able to eat spaghetti again!

      My mom has poodles and has never had a dog that shed (until Miss Kitty, who is an outside dog). She always insisted upon it growing up, and now I see why. Too bad we can’t choose the dogs of the people we fall in love with, huh? 😀


  5. Good to see you (again) at the TToT… always good when the first impression is a good and positive one! (was I sick that week?, not that I would ever try to make a bad impression, lol it’s just that somehow….anyway I totally identify with the dog hair management issues! (we have never been very good at regular brushing and grooming, but this time of year we would always wait for a windy day and take our dog into the back yard and get as much of the winter coat to come loose as possible.)


    • Thanks, Clark! It’s good to be here. Like I said on other comments, I missed last week and felt pretty disappointed about it, so made sure I got on it this week. LRConsiderer (I think her name is Liz, but not sure) tagged me on a Tweet about it, so I made it a point to sit down and do it that very next day. And you weren’t sick before, you commented and were a perfectly funny gentleman…sorry to tell you that you weren’t successful in making a bad impression. 😀

      I think we need to employ the same tactic with Rascal. You know, take him outside on a windy day and brush, brush, brush. Actually, maybe that’s where my hairbrush went to? That’s a bad thought, right there. 😀


  6. I don’t know if I’m fourthing or fifthing the sentiments expressed by these guys in saying I’m glad to see you again; and particularly glad that you enjoyed your welcome so much a couple of weeks ago. Reading that makes me feel so happy, because I know we’ve got things RIGHT with this community of ours, and how pleased I am that you’ve decided to join us again 🙂

    Your Mum’s friend Glo sounds like a great woman. I hope you enjoy exploring faith and seeing what you think of it. Don’t be afraid to ask tough questions 🙂

    And I SO know what you mean about wondering if the love you have is a forever love, and then finding the perfect few hours or the perfect moment and hoping with everything you have, that it is…

    I hope for you that it is.


    • Yes, you do have things RIGHT with your community. Everyone is so awesome and leaves nice and thoughtful comments. It really is very welcoming and that’s not always the case on a link-up or blog-hop or anything like that.

      Yes, Glo is the best. I do have some tough questions to ask, kind of feel like I am waiting for the right time on that, though. Doing quite a bit of Internet research, but it’s not the same as asking someone who has been through it.

      Thanks for the well wishes with DSB. Sometimes I feel ambivalent about the relationship, but then sometimes it feels like I couldn’t spend another day on Earth without him. I know that sounds silly, but that’s just how it is for me!

      And thank you for tagging me on Twitter, because that’s how I remembered that it was time for TToT. I don’t work a traditional work-week, so sometimes I forget when the weekend is coming (if that makes any sense).


      • Well, you know, it’s really good to know the twitter thing works – thank you 🙂

        Research, read a lot, and keep your eyes peeled and your mind open. I went to RCIA classes for a while, and pretty well outstayed my welcome, but in the end I couldn’t make the transition. It was fascinating though, and thoroughly worthwhile.

        Your description of you and DSB – I KNOW THAT! Ohboy do I know that. I think it’s pretty normal, to be honest.


        • I do plan on doing RCIA. They don’t have it here until the Fall. Pretty nervous about it really, especially silly because it’s so far away! I try to talk to my dad about it a bit, but he is kind of a cynical, lapsed Catholic, at best.

          And me and DSB? Normal? I hope so. Hope we get it figured out one of these days, at least!


      • I think the main thing to hang onto at these times is that you both WANT to continue figuring it out together (which may occur only in a 10/90 split (less if things get hairy)) – then it will somehow, hopefully, come right.

        Don’t be nervous about RCIA. And the distance shouldn’t make too much difference to the content. Go in having researched a little, if you can, but try not to build too many preconceptions (those things might be mutually exclusive, actually) and just ASK. Keep asking. Challenge them. Get them to elaborate. Not in an attacking way, but just in a find-out-everything-you-can way.


      • I’m just jumping in here (’cause that’s what we do at the TToT) to offer you any help if you feel comfortable asking. I’m Catholic, and my husband and I have both been sponsors for RCIA and Confirmation. I won’t try to sway, you. I just like talking about Catholicism. Answering questions helps me learn and grow, too.


    • And that’s one of the nicest compliments, thank you! Yes, I do love this blog hop and will hopefully be able to keep doing it. Here’s to hair ties and brushes!! 😀


  7. Just lovely, Rose. and inspiring. I’m thankful that you mention both the big things and the little things and the people and the pets. As I read your ten things, I am reminded that we live such complex lives, even when we think they’re not.

    There’s also a quality to your writing that I like. It’s a No-B.S. way of addressing thigns ehad on, yet writing about them in a way that is calm
    Brava, Rose.


    • Thanks, Cynthia! It’s amazing how the little and the big all come together, isn’t it? And thank you for the compliment — I look at it as I’m typing what I would saying (out loud) to a friend. Keeps me honest. 😀


  8. Wow, and yay to coming back to TToT! While I am a host, I’m the black sheep slacker one, I fear and end up posting at midnight on Sunday, my time, much too often. I must get better about it. I love your list and am so happy that your friend is doing well and has such support. Support is HUGE. Also love that you love a hair-tie (there is ALWAYS one on my wrist, always, unless it’s in my hair and sometimes both), that your mom’s best friend is so supportive and that you have had such a special moment with your love.


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